Score layout shifts when saved etc.

• Nov 22, 2019 - 11:27
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S4 - Minor

MS 3.3.3 / Linux Mint / Win 10.

Open the attached score. Originally it looked like this:
But after saving some score elements have shifted (the line, and fingering above grace notes):
Making any change to the score restores the original state, but it will shift again when saved and reopened.

Similar issues: #289946: Layout shift after load in score with fingering; and #292614: Note beam height changes when other parts of the score are adjusted?

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Workaround is to make small adjustments to the vertical position of String Number and Fingering. Probably a corner case.

Hmm, here it seems to be the "2" on the first grace note that is incorrectly laid out on load. My initial guess is that the fix you applied to the other issue won't apply here, that was more about making sure other things respond to the fingering correctly. This is about making sure the fingering itself is laid out correctly.

In this case, I think it is the slash on the grace note creating the problem - the fingering on initial layout is not responding to it. Turn on display of bounding boxes in the Debug menu and you can see it encroaching. So probably the slash is not being added to the chord or segment shape, or isn't being laid out soon enough.

That's exactly what I did and how I cam to the same conclusion. If you use a simplified example, just the note with the 2 grace notes, no fingering lines or whatever, then you see the slash is not contributing to the skyline but, seen at the logging I added, it is there. This was the easy part, now I'm doing a similar analyses as in #297501: Layout shift of slur after reload to figure out where exactly it goes wrong. I'm wearing my Sherlock Holmes cap and pipe again :-).

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 2498950a2c

_Fix #297482 - Score layout shifts when saved with fingering on acciaccatura

Solves the shift of the fingering on the grace note, and therefor the shift of the line above the fingering.

The root cause was StemSlash. Shapes for the StemSlash are created during the layout of the
beams of the grace notes and the layout of these beams is with the layout of the complete Chord
to which the grace notes belong. As a result, the shapes of StemSlash are added to the skyline
after the layout of the Fingering so the layout of the Fingering was based of the layout of the
Stem only.
After a re-layout the StemSlash is included in the skyline so the re-layout will move
the Fingering and, in this case, also the line.
The solution was a extra layout of the StemSlash in Score::layoutChords3() so it StemSlash is
included in the skyline in time.

Although this issue is vert similar as #302316 and fix #297501, the root cause is

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