slur and grace notes (acciaccatura) fails

• Mar 7, 2020 - 22:57
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S4 - Minor
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  1. I insert a double acciaccatur
  2. I select them with the following full note
  3. I click on slur : bug : nothing happens
  4. So I unselect, but I ctrl-clic each of the three notes, then I clic on slur : bug : the slur doesn't display where expected, see screenshot<

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 20414b2

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Mar 7, 2020 - 22:57
Title slur and grace notes (acciaccatur) slur and grace notes (acciaccatur) fails
Mar 8, 2020 - 05:08
Title slur and grace notes (acciaccatur) fails slur and grace notes (acciaccatura) fails
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Unrelated, but update to 3.4.2

Mar 11, 2020 - 17:34
Status active PR created

When adding a slur, you need only select the two notes that are to be the endpoints of the slur. It is not necessary to select all of the notes in between. Ordinarily, you would be able to use a range selection to specify the span of the slur, but this does not currently work if the "range" is from a grace note to its main note.

When a slur is added with only one note selected (or the slur is dropped onto a note), the slur begins in edit mode. This allows you to re-anchor the end point of the slur. Clicking the slur palette cell with more than two notes selected effectively drops slurs onto each of the selected notes in turn, which is why you ended up with multiple slurs instead of one slur spanning all of the selected notes. This is probably not the right thing for MuseScore to do. And since the recent merge of PR #5758, it is especially problematic that each of the multiple slurs begins in edit mode. For one thing, it is not immediately obvious that multiple slurs have been added, until you either re-anchor the slur or leave edit mode. And for another thing, only the first slur is removed if you try to undo the operation.

I am submitting a PR that does the following:
- Allows a slur to be added from a grace note to its main note if a range selection is used. This resolves the first bug mentioned in the original report.
- Changes the behavior of applying the Slur palette element to a list selection of more than two notes so that it is consistent with how the "S" keyboard shortcut already behaves. This resolves the second bug mentioned in the original report.
- Does not start edit mode for a newly created slur if the selection contains more than one element. This resolves the problems that I mentioned resulting from PR #5758.