Chord symbols: use an appropriate default playback instrument and show it in the mixer

• May 7, 2020 - 14:28
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Subsequent to #305070: Chord symbols playback needs to use a separate channel rather than the attached staff instrument.

(Edited) As mentioned in passing, it would be better if chord symbol playback could default to an instrument that doesn't clash with the music on the attached staff—piano or steel-string guitar perhaps? Also, could the chord symbol channel in the mixer be made more discoverable by showing it expanded by default?


I agree to the demand. The actual solution of chord playback does not allow to control, which instrument is used, nor is it possible to control the volume.
Up to now, I often used the script "notes-from-chord-texts" which creates additional note lines, giving full control of the playback and the used instrument (I prefer vibraphone).
Of course it is much better to have the playback completely integrated as it is now. But I miss the control over the sound that appears.

Just one additional remark about control: I think that the global flag to enable the playback is no good solution: I have many piano scores containing chord symbols - but there, chord playback would disturb the sound. On the other hand I use scores as accompaniment playing saxophone. Here I appreciate the chord playback. So, a playback flag as part of the score would be better.

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Sound, solo/mute and volume can get set in the mixer, via the additional harmony/Chord syms. channel. What is needed is a better default sound.

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Ok, now I see.
A bit tricky.
From my point of view it is not really logic to have the chords as subtrack of the voice (although I understand that it is - from the programmer's view - part of it).
From the musician's view the chords are a separate track, to be played by a different instrument. Maybe you could think-over the design at this point.

About my proposal (see above) to have a flag in the score settings (to enable chord playback): another - maybe even better - idea: have a program setting either from the menu or a button switch (could be part of the mixer dialog?) that allows a quick access to en-/disable the chord playback.

It's kind of late to rethink the entire design, but as mentioned, the better place to discuss ideas here is in the forum, where many more people will see it. FWIW, I agree the global preference to control playback doesn't make a ton of sense, even less so to have it on the Note Input. Only the control to play while editing belongs there. But we really need more feedback from more users, hence the suggestion of discussing it on the forum.

From my point of view, it is perfectly positioned. There are musicians which use chordsymbol playback not only in a global context like me, but for multiple instruments. The way it is implemented now serves that need as well.