[MusicXML] - articulations soft accent, stress and unstress not imported or exported

• Jun 14, 2020 - 09:01
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S3 - Major

The attached contains 3 articulations, all not exported to Musicxml. They have Musicxml equivalents, so may be easy to include. The names of the Musicxml tag are the same as in the Musescore pallete.

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This is a trivial change, will implement it shortly. Yet another example of something that was never implemented.

Note that I propose to solve this after 3.5, we are already in beta and IMHO should solve only showstopper bugs.

Not that I have any particular say in it, but to me you have described a "release candidate", not a "beta". To me beta just means it is essentially feature complete and usable enough for testing, but there is room to fix any bugs and make any other small improvements based on user feedback that don't create hardships for documentation or translation. I realize we might be taking a somewhat more conservative approach with this particular beta, but to me things like this should still qualify.

This can be implemented either before or after 3.5, no problem, since I'm always using the nightly builds -- but not the master v4 which always crashes when just inputina C using NVDA.

Deciding what does or does not go into 3.5 should be determined based on the amount of risk you are willing to take versus the amount of time you want to reserve for solving issues. It is not up to me to decide, it is a matter of strategy to be decided upon by the MuseScore company. Part of my day time job happens to be managing release cycles for software products, typical policy would be to put in enhancements until start of alpha and bug fixes until sufficient quality is reached. I am not aware of any strategy on this published by MuseScore.

Title [Musicxml Export] - Soft accent, stress and unstress not exported [MusicXML] - articulations soft accent, stress and unstress not imported or exported
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