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• Aug 29, 2014 - 07:57
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We delivered 2.0beta1 without brass band template. Let's ship one in the next beta.


and just one exemple of Wind/concert band, should also be fine ;)

as there can be a lot of variations in such type band....

do you have a standard instrumentation for brass band ?

here's two folders of Brass Band templates. I just add them to the templates sub-directory and they show up in the Start/New palette.

They have been working for me since I created them in 1.3 version......

How can I upload them as two folders instead of individual files.......

There are three UK style instrumentation in one folder
There is 6 Salvation Army style instrumentation in the other folder.

It's much easier to add the entire folders with each update of the program.

Thank you rio.

To upload as folders put them in a ZIP file and then attach as normal.

For future reference it is considered good practice to save templates in uncompressed MuseScore format (mscx)

File format changes mean that templates made in 1.3 will have to be remade from scratch for MuseScore 2

In 2.0 though they should be in compress (mscz) format, for the preview to work in the new Start Center (but still they'd need to have been created with 2.0 for this)

Here's the zip file that includes two folders: 07-UK Brass Band and 08-Salvation Army

The UK folder has 3 files with different percussion and full British instrumentation.

The Salvation Army folder includes files that correspond with the instrumentation listed in their Music Publication Brochure for their different band series.

Let me know if they are a help to my fellow Brass Band musicians out there.

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Sorry forgot to mention, extract, then copy to the template folder where you installed Muse Score 2.0 or nightly versions. They will show up in the new score from template palette.

Status (old) patch (ready to commit) active

There is work to be done! To do list:

1) Determine how many templates we want, and which ones if more than one. (EDIT: It seems the consensus is two—one UK and one SA. But which one first?)

2) Determine instrumentation as precisely as possible.

3) Make sure that all instruments have correct transposition AND correct ranges.

4) Fit on page, connect barlines and add brackets.

Let's get started. Potential starting points are at and, plus of course the templates from MuseScore 1.x and and what rio3333 and ChurchOrganist have put together.

Zack I have been using the two directories of Brass Band setups since version 1.2. I updated them to work with 2.0 and they work great. Changes of key signs during the composition have worked when changed to Concert pitch and they back to Instrument transposition. I am an active Brass Band cornetist and have found that having the different Salvation Army and UK Brass Band setups saves time when starting a new score. However, if you would like just one I would say the the most widely Brass Band set up is 2=percussion and one timpani. Repiano Cornet is used exclusively (usually) in British Style Brass Bands and NOT Salvation Army. SA is usually Solo, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cornets. Hope this helps. Again I have been arranging for Brass Band and find that I use ALL of the templates I have created and set in the above Musescore 2.0 zip file.

addition to above message. I have found that putting the template files in the users library/mydocuments/musescore2/templates. you don't have to keep copying them when you install a new version or nightly. The program will search this directory and add the templates to the program. Much easier than re-copying them into each versions template directory.

Also, then only the people who actually needed these scores would have to download them and put then in one place. Wouldn't need to be part of each subsequent update, could be listed on the web site as an add-on.

Add to-do list item:

5) In Staff Properties, verify ALL forms of instrument names (long instrument name, short instrument name, and part name).

BTW, when creating templates, be sure you use the special "save as template" mode, currently available only by compiling MuseScore yourself as far as I know. Eventually it would be good to make this a command line or other option.