MusicXML Lines export/import issues

• Jan 7, 2021 - 20:13
Reported version
S3 - Major

Steps to reproduce issue:

1) Open attached .mscz file
2) Export to MusicXML
3) Reopen from MusicXML

There are several issues with lost or mistranslated information that should have been retained by the MusicXML format:

  • The italicization of "cresc." and "dim." have been lost. (This is encoded correctly into musicxml, but lost on import.)
  • The alignment of the dash to the bottom of the "cresc." and "dim." text is lost, becoming vertically centered (This is not encoded in the MusicXML, though in this case, I'm not sure the best way to do that?)
  • The bold and italic formatting of the line with the text "blah" is lost on export. It should have been encoded with font-weight="bold" font-style="italic" in the words element. Also, if I manually add these attributes, it is not imported correctly, so it is both an export and import issue.
  • Although the start and end pedal come through, the pedal change in the middle is lost. (This is an import and export issue. The change pedal is exported erroneously as type="start", but I have found that even if you correct the MusicXML to say type="change", it's still imported incorrectly.)
  • The sharp symbol on the trill line is lost on import. It seems to be exported correctly.
  • The custom dashed line becomes a solid line. This should have been preserved using the dash-length and space-length attributes.
  • The two "Hello" lines show that hook height is not imported correctly. It is, however, correctly exported to the "end-length" attribute.
  • The first "Hello" line also shows that the "90 deg centered" end hook is not exported correctly. It should be encoded as line-end="both". When I manually change it to "both" in the XML file, it is still not imported correctly.
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If anyone were to have looked at it would be Leon Vinken, but I'm guessing not, it's only been a few days and he's in and out. The import/export code is in the importexport/musicxml folder on GitHub (at least for 3.x). Beyond that, I can't really say much, except I think some of the code is dead / outdated / legacy code. So it might take a bit of poking around with a debugger setting breakpoints etc to see what actually gets hit.

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Hi Marc, unfortunately some parts of MuseScore (including MusicXML import/export) mainly depend on volunteers. As a result, we have insufficient capacity to solve all reported issues. Help would be very much appreciated.

I suspect at least part of the issues you reported simply never have been implemented. If you need help, I can answer any questions on the implementation.