"Save Selection" saves something other than the actual selection.

• Oct 16, 2014 - 10:50
S5 - Suggestion

I tested selecting 2 bars (whole line):

with beta1 I get I file, but only white (no notation - nothing)

with nightly build from Oct. 15th I get a file, but only a copy and not a selection


Title musescore2.0 - bug "save selection" @ Mac 10.9.5 "Save Selection" saves something other than the actual selection.

Can you post the original score (not the selection) and the exact steps you are following to save the selection? When I tried it just now it worked exactly as expected - I got an MSCZ file, and when I loaded the MSCZ file into MuseScore, it was a score contain what I had selected in the original score - but not *just* what I had selected. It contained everything from the beginning of the score up to the selection as well. I assume that is a bug, and I have changed the title of this issue to reflect that. I could believe there might also cases where it saves *less* than whatever you had selected, but we'd need to see the score and the steps to reproduce that problem.