Soundfonts for each instrument

• Dec 16, 2009 - 04:33
S5 - Suggestion

I would love to have the possibility to assign a sf2 for each instrument on the score. Maybe selecting it on the wizard with an option to use a complete GM SF, or select each one. Or/and being able to do that on the mixer display.
It would be great to have VSTs too but y realize that it must be something really difficult to achieve. Being that MuseScore already plays GMSFs I thought this may be a more logical request.
(love MuseScore)


Probably the direction is support for an external synthesizer that can deal with this better than MuseScore. Linux Sampler looks promising.

That is great!, I am downloading LinuxSampler for Windows (I know.. I`m not proud) And will try to use it with Jack, but I tried using Jack and the latest version for windows doesn`t uncompress well, or there is something wring on mi PC and I can´t get it started. I had no luck finding anything about my problem, and their page is not as stupid-user friendly as MuseScore´s (thank you very much) so I stop trying. Do you know of any forum on jack for windows?
just curious, if I where to have Jack installed. Will it send all the midi data including all the channels and voices?

And, I still think that SF2 support for all instruments separately would be a good thing in the future, mainly because of two single reasons, Saving the project with the instruments selected and loading user templates automatically. That is really simple to do for people who just wants to hear something nice and personal without using 3 or more peaces of software at the same time.

Thanks jorjonzn!
Ill try that!
I think that, if it´s not to hard, maybe it could be a feature of musescore it self in the future. ;)

Title Sound fonts for each instrument Soundfonts for each instrument

I think this has been fixed, because you can load multiple soundfonts for one score.

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