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• Jan 23, 2010 - 12:56
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It would be nice to have a basic metronome while playing the score. It must be possible to switch it on or off. A simple checkbox on the playback screen would be ideal. If checked the metronome ticks, and if unchecked it does not.


I am a performer and use MuseScore to learn and practice my part. During the initial stages it helps a lot to play with a metronome.

My choir learns their part with musescore.
A simple metronome like in Sibelius would be very helpful, for getting a feeling for the rhythm when singing to the music.
In my opinion, this feature perhaps only seems something little and unimportant, but many singers I talked to would appreciate this feature without having to create a workaround for every piece of music.

You would be astonished to hear how many music projects in Europe I know of, already rely on musecore!!! Well, Avids Sibelius is just to expensive for many communities. musescore is a real cool program! Keep the good work up! Thanks to all developers putting so much effort into it!

I tried the work-around to simulate a metronome by creating a drum-bar for each score I am learning, and yes it works. But the additional time to create those feel a bit silly especially if the score is 100+ bars of tak-tik-tik, tak-tik-tik . . . I am glad there are other users who also feel the need for a metronome and support the notion to put it on the readmap for the next version.

Could you give an example of when you would use this?
When I'm writing music sometimes a metronome would be incredibly helpful. It can otherwise be hard to know whether I've got the rhythm down how I want it. I'm currently sitting with my laptop in my university library with my headphones on writing a song. I already have the rhythm in my head, but to make sure I've written it out right without a metronome I have to tap my foot or something, which probably makes me look like a bit of a fool. So that's one example of when a feature like this would be used. It's certainly a feature I've found useful in other software (most recently Rosegarden).

Though this may be slightly unrelated i would also suggest adding a feature to the metronome such that it plays a normal bar of the metronome sound only before it starts playing the actual piece written.

I am currently using MuseScore for composition as well as for learning instruments and if you have this feature it would allow me to prepare myself to play the piece too.

For Example : In the case of a student learning the Recorder, the metronome would help him/her synchronize their playing with the playback of the song and prepare themselves in general.

It would also be cool if the entire metronome feature could be implemented as a separate panel which can be integrated with the play panel(Say a button in the play panel which links to the metronome panel) . For an idea of what i had in mind i have a standalone metronome program called "Weird Metronome" which could be used as a reference.

Click here to see snapshots and get an Idea.

Although the above suggestion is different from what was originally stated (and more complex), I think usability and functionality would be much better.

I think that a metronome, similar to the one used by "Lenmus Phonascus", would be great.
I am a beginner and I would find it very useful to learn music lessons properly.

Another drawback of the work-around to add a bar with drum sounds for purpose of a metronome is the fact that the sheet music now uses more space having the extra bar resulting in more scrolling on screen. Obviously one will create an alternative copy without the extra bar for printing. This uses twice as much disk space as would have been needed if this work-around was not needed.

Is there absolutely nobody out there who feel like implementing this small feature?

Here is another "yes" vote for a metronome. By version 1.1 we ought to have had one by now. It is tremendously useful for getting the timing right, and one ought not have to add a "scratch track" to get one.

I ask as I use my metronome with out a rhythm as sometimes it is in the way. e.g. alternating time sigs.
I would prefer NO difference.

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And yet another vote for a metronome on MuseScore.

I transpose the scores for my Renaissance Madrigal group practice, in such a way as to have one Midi of SATB, and then split the voices (parts) out into separate files at a slower rate for individual practice. Many times there are extended measures of silence where another part is singing, and it would be VERY helpful to have a metronome beat in those measures for the listener to get used to the timing of their entrance, and follow along in their score.

I tried adding (creating) a percussion track, but could not get anything (eg: woodblock or FingerSnap) to input to the track.
I am fairly new to MScore (so perhaps I was doing something wrong), I have used RG in the past, but have real problems getting RG to run on my NetBook - MS runs just fine :)
Hopefully I can get MS to run on my Slack-12.2 box, so I can do my composition and input from a desk and a little more comfortable environment.


Title Metronome on playback Metronome plugin for MuseScore v.1.2

A javascript plugin (something like metronome.js) for MuseScore 1.2, is it possible? :)

Title Metronome plugin for MuseScore v.1.2 Metronome on playback

No it is not. And please don't highjack an issue (and a closed one at that) for a support question

Jojo-Schmitz, why shouldn't I ask whatever I want?
Some of us prefer v.1.2 to nightly builds.
Who knows if someone is interested in developing a metronome plugin for that version?
Please let other people request whatever they want.
Thank you.

The issue is posting to a closed (and older) "issue". Basically, start your own thread with your topic to start a new discussion.

You can request whatever you want, but this is not the right place. The issue tracker is for reporting established bugs or to request enhancements. This enhancement here has been done, in 2.0, is not in 1.2 and there won't be a 1.3.
Furthermore, the plugin interface doesn't allow for implementing a metronome, so requesting that ain't gonna help in any form or shape. I gave that answer already, in a shorter form, please just accept that. If you want to try anyway, go to the plugin forum .
#9794: Metronome was not a new thread (in the forum), but a new issue in the issue tracker, just like this one here, please understand the difference.

2.0? What version is that? Where can I download it?
There is NO version 2.0 at the moment.
Version 1.2 is the actual release and there is no metronome implemented on this release.
I don't care about nightly builds. They are unstable and unusable.
Please accept and understand the difference.

2.0 it what the nighly builds will become, once ready. Until then use 1.2 and accept the lack of a metronome, or use the nightly build and acept their instability. There is no other option.

Please accept what Jojo-Schmitz is saying. There was a request for a metronome and it is implemented and will eventually become part of a final release. It is already available in the pre-release. What more do you want!

This is not the place to air your opinions about how and when the development should be done.

Jojo-Schmitz who are you? How can you be so sure?
There are a lot of plugins for MuseScore. Why not a metronome plugin?
If you really are a software developer like your profile says and you think that's impossible, maybe you should try another carreer.
You know what, I'm tired of talking to walls.

Please, there is no need for this type of language.

There are proper places to ask questions, all we are asking is that you use them. The Support forum is usually the best place for most questions.

As for 2.0, you can install a nightly build if you wish to try out the new features to see if they will work for you, and then if you have ideas on how they can be improved, you can try posting to the Technology Preview forum for discussion.

Or, you wish to discuss the possibility of writing a plugin, then the Plugins forum is the correct place.

I am a programmer, and I can also say that implementing a metronome directly via plugin is basically impossible, because the plugin framework does not provide the necessary tools (API's) to control playback. Depending on your specific needs, it is possible that something different could be implemented that would work for you. So if you would like to politely discuss you ideas, again, a post in the Plugins forum is the way to get started.

As for why one can still post to issues that have been closed, sometimes this is necessary - the issue might have been closed prematurely, or there might be new *relevant* information that needs to be added for tracking purposes. But one should not co-opt that feature.

Yeah, building a script that adds/removes a staff to the score with Wood Blocks making 'click click click click' during the playback of a song... this is as hard as, you know, taking the man to the moon.

If you know exactly what you want and how this can be done, why did you ask here in the first place? Go ahead and just do it! Contribute rather than complain! And do it somewhere else, not here, not in this issue, it just doesn't belong here and you've been told several times, by different people, all of which are much longer around on than you are, all of which did contribute to MuseScore in one form or another.
Write such a plugin, show us your code, should be easy for you, shouldn't it?

Why should I write in another place?
Didn't you find me over here?
Will I have different answers from you?
Is there a different Jojo-Schmitz and a different Marc Sabatella over plugins section?
Are they more smart than you are?
And more polited?
And more helpful?
I've already asked MuseScore to cancel my account here.
Bye, bye.

The reason to post in the proper place is that it keeps already closed issues from showing up as active, and it also makes discussions easier to find later. Is it really such an unreasonable request? Note many people would be interested in discussions of a metronome plugin, but very few people except developers and very active testers will see posts to issues.

So I am happy to discuss how a "poor man's metronome substitute" such as you suggest could be implemented as a plugin, and perhaps even help write it, if you would care to start the discussion in the proper place.