• Mar 17, 2011 - 01:22
S5 - Suggestion

Musescore sorely needs a metronome.
Many people use Musescore to make MIDI files that they can practice along with.

Right now, I'm using MuseScore to transcribe drills in my sightsinging books.
Would be great to have a metronome so that I can practice the exercises while keeping in time.

Manually adding additional staffs with clicks,claps,etc shouldn't be necessary.
Also, there should be an option for a pre-click count (for ex. 4 clicks) before starting playback.

Thank you.


What is the issue here with programmer's response to this topic?

Is it just another example of the famed social insensitivity of programmers, typically teenagers living in their heads not that I in any way want to stereotype here, or is there in fact a design decision at work in MuseScore not to fingo metronomes?

When this topic was first raised, the immediate (frankly curious) response was to ask how a metronome might be used (erm ... pretty well I expect as musicians use them anyway whatever that actually might be). There were several detailed responses followed by use a percussion part you dummy responses, and then the whole thing degenerated into a wikidrama lookalike second-order discussion on forum etiquette and eventual closure. I see an equivalent sort MuseScore lawyer has marked this present discussion as duplicate.

The bottom line is 1 MuseScore hasn't got a metronome 2 it needs one.

Concentrate hard and take it from there.

And what's the issue with you? ;-)

  1. why are you resurrecting a 2 years old issue?
  2. why do you resort to offending contributors?
  3. This issue had been raised before. Just follow the link David provided and read, this might help, really
  4. that issue has even been fixed. Check a nightly build (available from the download page