'Plugins' menu disabled when the last score closed but enabled when starting empty

• Feb 22, 2010 - 21:57
Graphical (UI)

When starting empty, the 'Plugins' menu is active, but once a score is loaded, it becomes disabled, as soon as the last score in MuseScore window is closed.

1. Configure MuseScore to start empty, close MuseScore
2. Open MuseScore
3. Click on 'Plugins' => 'Create Score'
4. Close the score

Actual Results:
'Plugins' menu is disabled

Expected Results:
The state of 'Plugins' menu after Step 2 and after Step 4 is the same.

MuseScore r2763 on Ubuntu 9.10 with Qt 4.6.1



I guess some plugins should be enabled (ABC import, Create Chord Chart, Create Score), but rest of the built-in plugins probably should be disabled when no score is open.

Could it be that the behavior of that plug-in is unexpected? Maybe if the plug-in is installed, ABC files should be eligible for opening in the normal File Open box. That's where I looked when I wanted to open an ABC file.

In an case, it's definitely a confusing situation. I had closed the previous score and wanted to import an ABC, and there was no way to do so.

Status (old) active fixed

as we do not know what a plugin is doing, the Plugins menu is not disabled if there is no current score.
(changed in r4970).

First MuseScore should not do something undefined if there is no current score and the plugins expects one. I checked with the test score and got some obscure java script popup error message.

Second a plugin could check for a valid current score and act appropriately.

Third we could introduce a new tag for all plugins to indicate to MuseScore that they want to operate on a current score
(somewhat "overengineered" for my taste).

Since most plugins operate on the current score, I would prefer an opt-in tag for displaying a plugin after all the scores are closed (see #2 above). From a usability perspective I'm not sure it makes sense to require the user to open an unrelated score before they can use a plugin that imports or creates a new score.

That said, I am supportive of disabling plugins by default when no score is open.

Well, there are quite a few plugins actually that open a score themselfs, at least 2 are in the standard MuseScore distribution, "Chord chart" and "Create Scores".
I find it quite annoying to have to open a(n otherwise completly unrelated) score, just to be able to use these plugins.

But if there are means in the plugins to enable the menu, that'd be fine.

Status (old) fixed active

There is a remaining issue (tested with r4994): The Script-Debugger option is still disabled if no Score is open.
Not sure whether this should be dealt with in this issue or a new one?