Several problems of Tremolo Bar Properties

• Mar 29, 2015 - 16:18
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S2 - Critical

2.0, Ubuntu 14.04

1) score with tablature staff
2) add a note
3) add a tremolo bar marking from articulations palette (last cell)
4) right click the marking
5) tremolo bar properties
6) press the buttons on the right

Result: these appear to be the presets for Bend notation. "Dip" should be created the "V" shape but instead creates a full fret bend, etc. The initially displayed shape is also incorrect, it seems to be displaced vertical and truncated.


I can confirm Marc's observations re: the preset buttons. The default display appears wrong with the V of the dip heading downwards off the display. Isn't the thick black line the "resting position", in which case the default dip should start and end there.

(IMV, the symbol needs to be larger. See Vibrato Bar notation ).

Title Tremolo bar property presets behave as bend Tremolo bar property preset behaves as bend

2.1 / Win 7


This issue is also present in the current 2.1 nightly. When you open the Tremelo bar properties dialogue, the default V-shaped line is wrongly positioned in the display.


A reasonable default position could be to have the start and end points at "zero" (the dark horizonatal line?) and the mid point perhaps a semitone or tone below?

Title Tremolo bar property preset behaves as bend Tremolo Bar Properties is completely messed up
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
Reported version 2.1 3.3
Frequency Few
Regression No
Reproducibility Always
Workaround No

My goodness, the Tremolo Bar Properties window is really a big mess with myraids of problems.

  • Bend type doesn't remember user's previous choice when re-opened (same as Bend Properties, but a PR fixes that);
  • Bend type buttons give wrong bend shapes;
  • It's very difficult to edit directly on the canvas. The point added isn't at all at the place where you clicked. And it's simply impossible to add points below the central line;
  • Sometimes the tremolo bar symbol on the score doesn't update after editing the bend shape, not until a next operation;
  • The canvas looks too squeezed together.

I came across this when doing the elimination of right click access (or more convenient access) for various properties window. I had already moved Bend Properties to the inspector and I just discovered this Tremolo Bar Properties (sorry, I don't use tablature notation). While it's undoubtedly good to also move it to the inspector, when compared with these whole lots of problems, its priority really isn't very high. Besides I don't have time to do it before 3.4 is released. So hopefully it will be done for 3.5 or 3.6, but really, if these issues aren't resolved, this kind of optimization cannot help either.

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