Change "Trb." to "Tbn." and "Vlc." to "Vc." in instruments.xml

• Jun 30, 2015 - 22:13
S4 - Minor


Ok, don't check the GIT workflow page. Instead, follow these:

* download the zip file from
* in the meantime, if you haven't made a login on Github yet, go to and register
* download finished? Extract the zip file into your Applications folder
* start the github app and enter your login info
* continue and you can opt to install the Command Line Tools
* finally hit done
* in the Github app, click on the + sign > Clone > type MuseScore in the search
* this will bring up the MuseScore project and next clone it (choose a place on your Mac to clone the data to)

Cloning will take a while

* Once done, go to the folder where you cloned the MuseScore data.
* Navigate to share/instruments and open instruments.xml with a text editor
* If you have no text editor, check out Sublime Text
* In instruments.xml, you can search for the instruments short names and make the edits needed
* Save the edits and go back to the Github app
* You will now see that you have one changed file, i.e. instruments.xml
* Commit the change first to your master by filling in the summary/description
* Finally in the right upper corner, hit the Create new pull request icon

Once the pull request (PR) is sent, you wait for a MuseScore core committer to accept your PR.

And this would make you an official code contributors. Not bad for someone who can't read or write code, isn't it? :)

Okay, I'm getting bogged down at the step "in the Github app, click on the + sign > Clone > type MuseScore in the search." I get this: github.png

I did create a repository with the Create tab, and when I click "create one" it just closes the popup. What am I missing?

Looks like there is one test failure - the "master" needs to be updated in mtest/importmidi/instrumentchannels.mscx. It's just a text file, and needs Trb changed to Tbn since that is now the correct result.

We have a bunch of automated tests to help make sure any change we make doesn't break anything. Most work by doing something then comparing the results to a saved reference. In this case, the "doing something" was importing a MIDI file that apparently contained a trombone track. The reference expected the track to have a short name of "Trb" because that's what it always was before. Now that you are changing that, you needed to update the reference so this test now expect "Tbn".

I'd say about half the time a test failure is something like this - just a case of needing to udpate the reference because we've changed the expected behavior. But a good percentage of the time it alters us to unintended consequences of our changes.

Anyhow, looks like the tests pass now :-)

Status (old) patch (ready to commit) postponed

If "Guit." is changed to "Gtr." as well, does that mean it's necessary to make the same change in every single Guitar Pro test MSCX file?

Oh, for… But that also recommends Btrb. for Bass Trombone, which I can promise you I have never seen (unlike Trb.). I would have been happy—perhaps actually happier—to leave it at Trb., but that apparently was an uncomfortable abbreviation for jazz music, so we changed it.

To be accurate, what I said was "Tbn. more common than Trb. for jazz charts, although to be sure both were common. Actually, just about as common was to not abbreviate anything". I didn't say there was anything "uncomfortable" with Trb for jazz. And the status quo was to have Tbn for the two jazz templates, Trb as the instruments.xml default. So I would have been perfectly happy to leave it alone. But since Gould apparently prefers Tbn, I was and remain OK with the change.