Allow "Edit Style" window to remember "last user resize"

• Jul 8, 2015 - 14:46
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S5 - Suggestion

The "Edit style" window can't be resized permanently. It keeps returning to a default large size when you reopen. IMO the default should be minimum size.

The fact that two edit windows have the same problem suggests that other edit windows need to be checked as well to ensure that "last user resize" is always remembered.


Are you talking about Style / General? Are you finding the default size is *not* the minimum on your system? It is on mine, but these things tend to be system-dependent.

Coul this be set to a minimum size by default? I frequently make adjustments to the score where I need to keep this window open and compare the effect of changing various parameters on the score. If it window reverting to "large" the user has to reset it again and again …

As I mentioned, the default already *is* minimum on my system, but I guess it depends on your screen resolution. Right now, the size of that dialog is set here:…

I checked, and on my (Linux / Ubuntu / xfce4) system at least, it works to pick a crazy low value like (100, 100) - the dialog will still come out a minimum size. Not sure if that technique works on other systems or not, but if so, it would be a very quick fix.

Title "Edit Style" window (and other edit windows?) can't remember "last user resize" "Edit Style" window can't remember "last user resize"

Can this issue be looked at again? See screenshot:


Screenshot looks correct to me. This is the minimum size for the dialog (visit the "Header, Footer, Numbers" or "Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams" tabs to understand why). And on any system that meets the minimum requirements for running MuseScore, that should fit.

In every score (without exception) I use "Page" and "Bar" dialogs (often repeatedly) to adjust the layout, and this requires a view of at least part of the score. Hence the need for a smaller "Edit Styles" window.

It would be better to give the user the option to minimise the "Edit Styles" window even further. And always retain the last user-resize.

OK, I understand you to be asking for a new feature - automatic remembering of previous size, not reporting a bug in the initial as was previously being suggested. It's a valid feature request to consider some day, but again, based on your screenshot, there is no bug.

Title "Edit Style" window can't remember "last user resize" Allow "Edit Style" window to remember "last user resize"

OK. I've adjusted title to reflect feature request.

It seems feasible.
"Users normally expect an application to remember its settings (window sizes and positions, options, etc.) across sessions. This information is often stored in the system registry on Windows, and in property list files on OS X and iOS. On Unix systems, in the absence of a standard, many applications (including the KDE applications) use INI text files.

QSettings is an abstraction around these technologies, enabling you to save and restore application settings in a portable manner. It also supports custom storage formats."

But I haven't worked with the QSettings class, so I can't assure it's feasibility.