Keep cursor centered during playback in Continuous View

• Jan 8, 2016 - 16:29
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An often-asked question on the forums is how to keep the view from jumping to another point when entering notes. Continuous View seems like the perfect place to make it so that as notes are entered the score moves to the left one small step at a time, keeping the current note entry position at the center of the window.

It would also make sense to implement this for playback (if "Pan score during playback" is turned on).



I greatly agree with this feature request.

Keeping the current note entry position at the center of the window during playback would be wonderful.


In playback mode, I think it's less great that you think unfortunately. Having the whole score moving all the time it's very disturbing.

Would like to see this happen, if it hasn't already? One of the main reasons I have not yet purchased the android tablet version of musecore.
I jump between simple chord sheets and music notation for songs in gigs, well I would If I could find something to scroll notation.

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I would also be willing to pay. This is the main reason blocking me from using musescorenfor live playing

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I came across this thread because I tried to replicate similar behavior to MuseScore's mobile version's Practice Mode. Does that mean that this feature will never come to desktop due to lack of interest?

Can you share a link of your trial version? I'd be very interested.

I would like to see this used during note entry. I don't use playback very except perhaps to make sure I have all the accidentals correct, so that part has little import for me.

For note entry I think this would be useful.

During note input is an interesting idea for sure! The objection people had to the playback version was that the score didn't scroll smoothly but rather in discrete small jumps. This would not seem problematic at all in note input mode, on the contrary it's exactly what you'd expect. However, the code itself would be totally different. And I'm still not so sure many people would actually like it, somehow we're very used to moving to the right as we write. Anyhow, my code wouldn't help here, maybe someone else wants to try it and go a test PR...

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