Add boomwhacker instrument

• Jan 10, 2016 - 19:57
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Since MuseScore 2.0 I use it more and more for teaching music.
For that task I would ask to add "boomwhacker" as instruments. They are fixed to a note. And kids normally play one or two different one.

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PS: I guess this belongs to Component "Code". Change it if I'm wrong.

GIT commit: f51dc11


My understanding is that boomwhackers are conceptually similar to handbells - each instrument makes a single pitch, so you might have a whole group of musicians each holding one or two of them and playing their note when called upon. But as far as I know the music itself is standard music, perhaps with coded notes to make it easier for each musician to see which notes are his. See for instance:…

So as far as I can tell, we really don't need any new features, although a boomwhacker-specific version of the colornotes plugin (and/or of the handbells plugin) might be nice. As might a facility to incorporate note names into noteheads. Hmmm, I think at one point I was planning on implementing that; it's pretty simple actually...

Hah! So: the color note plugin is alreayd installed by default, just enable it via Plugins / Plugin Manager. Then you can invoke it from the Plugins menu, and get Boomwhacker coloring automatically. That should preusmably do it, then, unless there is something else other than note names in heads which would be nice too but is kind of separate. I don't see an exisitng feature request for this although of course it comes up in the forum often enough.

The default soundfont used in MuseScore adheres to the General MIDI standard regaridng the available sounds, and boomwhacker is not part of that standard. But if you can find a a suitable soundfont elsewhere online, you are welcome to use it in MsueScore, just see the Handbook under "Soundfonts" for information on installing third party soundfonts.