Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Mixer does not appear closed 3.4 3 3 years
Sforzando in handbook? closed 2.1 11 7 years
Accidental shortcuts do not work in Re-Pitch mode closed 3.3 6 3 years
[Guitar Pro] Accent not imported closed 3 9 years
[1.0-pre1] Transpose by Key sometimes doesn't work correctly closed 10 10 years
Release cycles after 2.0 active 9 8 years
Batch file conversion with style sheet does not work duplicate 4.x-dev 2 9 months
Change to Master Tuning doesn't sound until re-opening MuseScore closed 3 9 years
Pages jump in Vertical scrolling when the score at the right is partially hidden closed 2.2 9 5 years
Antialiasing with staff lines won't fix 10 12 years
Musescore freezes every time I do anything, (like moving note etc.) closed 3.6 13 2 years
Remove a time signature in a part causes corruption in the other parts and main score closed 2.1 6 6 years
Progressive tempo change does not work when opening a gp file. active 3.x-dev 0 3 years
volume control in the mixer window duplicate 3.0 1 4 years
Request for new "swap strings" feature in tab active 12 7 years
crash on deletion of selection that includes last measure of score closed 2 9 years
Edit Text Style> lyric style offset has no effect closed 4 10 years
Wrong spelling of pitches on MIDI import for keys other than C closed 4 8 years
Reaper compatibility Issue active 4.0 11 3 months
Ability to set articulated (e.g. staccato) playback without using the equivalent notation active 10 3 years
Tuplet bracket and number vertical spacing incorrect on second note input closed 3.0 5 5 years
Part dynamics do not affect playback closed 4 14 years
addNote() Crashes the plugin and the program is stuck forever. active 3.6 3 2 years
Text styles do not update when loading style closed 2.1 9 4 years
All instruments play the violin timbre. closed 3.0 4 4 years