Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Elements still visible after setting them to invisible by design 3.6 1 2 years
[MusicXML] Positions of System Text, Stave Text, Chord Name and Rehearsal Mark aren't preserved closed 4 3 months
changes to tempo (the BPM of a tempo text) don't propagate between score and parts closed 3 8 years
[trunk, r. 3314] Can't compile under Ubuntu (missing font?) closed 3 12 years
Adding note to existing one in tie removes it closed 2 9 years
Staccatisimo with Accent is Played Legato active 3.4 1 2 years
cant open the fileee duplicate 3.6 1 3 months
Fret Diagram dialog doesn't stretch to more strings than 8 closed 9 10 years
HA DESAPARECIDO!!!!!!!!!!!! closed 2.1 2 5 years
Undoing/removing Staff Type Change symbol causes a defective layout of the clefs and prevents to enter the score with mouse closed 3.2 2 3 years
Noise problem duplicate 3.6 1 6 months
Palette lines applied by double-clicking won't "reset to style" closed 7 7 years
Latest update, no sound at all duplicate 3.6 1 2 years
make default page size locale-dependent closed 20 4 years
MuseScore closes as soon as it opens closed 3 8 years
Autosave works only the first time closed 2.1 4 6 years
Rests off-centre in other staves closed 4 8 years
mscore-devel crashes if trying staff text to some multi-measure rest closed 3.0 9 4 years
3.5RC -- Blank upload dialog on Mac (see details) closed 3.x-dev 21 2 years
Title entered after score creation not placed correctly closed 10 4 years
2.0.3 US English translation: File > Save is instead File > Save As... closed 2.1 12 6 years
Fingering collision with sharp-accidental (2-voiced on staff) duplicate 3.2 1 3 years
Constant crashing on newest update for MuseHub and MuseScore4 Beta (MacOS) duplicate 4.x-dev 1 6 months
SECTION_BREAK on non-measure MEASURE_BASE does not incur pause before starting next section closed 6 2 years
Flip Direction and Slur not being placed properly duplicate 3.0 1 4 years