Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Multi-Bar rests closed 2 13 years
Pickup bar is counted in the measure numbering closed 2 13 years
Impossible to add interval to multiple notes closed 2 13 years
Moving to previous handle keyboard shortcut closed 5 13 years
Double dotted note not working [regression] closed 3 13 years
Lyrics don't always resize by design 3 13 years
Notes belonging to two voices are not exported as two MIDI events by design 4 13 years
Delete all, add measure, crash closed 2 13 years
Erroneous comparison in preferences.cpp breaks style selection closed 2 13 years
Unknown End Bar After Crash closed 2 13 years
Changing chord style is broken closed 3 13 years
Some words are still in english closed 4 13 years
Some chord names not transposable (regression) closed 9 13 years
Crash on musicXML volta import [regression] closed 2 13 years
Editing staff names on score causes crash (regression) closed 3 13 years
still puzzled about the way instruments work (rel. 0.9.5) closed 1 13 years
Grace note playback does not stop (regression) closed 4 13 years
Copy-paste of chordname by itself to different staff closed 2 13 years
Cross-staff note movement not undoable closed 2 13 years
Micro-moving dotted note does not move connected dot closed 2 13 years
Loading this file causes muse score to crash closed 3 13 years
Crash when deleting an instrument that is selected closed 4 13 years
Over-amplified playback using piano1.sf2 (regression) closed 3 13 years
No playback on mac PPC closed 3 13 years
Note entry crash after changing measure duration closed 3 13 years