Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Undo of concert pitch produces incorrect transposition closed 7 8 years
Undo of F2 command does not return tab notes to original strings active 4 3 years
Undo of insert first measure corrupts clefs closed 4 8 years
Undo of key signature change leaves courtesy key signature closed 6 9 years
Undo of stretch results in notes displaying on wrong line, missing clefs changes closed 2 9 years
Undo of virtually any note operation destroys layout closed 7 9 years
Undo omits previous feathered beam active 1 3 years
Undo paste erases lyric lines closed 2 12 years
Undo paste in new time signature causes overlapping notes (0.9.6 branch) won't fix 4 11 years
Undo paste to tablature causes crash closed 4 9 years
Undo pitch change can leave tied note on wrong line closed 6 9 years
Undo rehearsal Mark crashes MuseScore. closed 9 10 years
Undo removal of instrument engaged in part causes crash closed 13 9 years
Undo reorder instruments does not work as expected. closed 1 12 years
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 3 years
Undo restores arpeggio, but does not play it closed 2 12 years
Undo selects an extra measure closed 3.4 6 3 years
Undo slur lets handle on screen closed 2 13 years
Undo special barline does not work as expected closed 4 11 years
Undo Staff Type changes does not restore former state active 1 3 years
Undo Staff Types causes crash closed 6 5 years
Undo Tempo Text doesn't restore former tempo closed 2 12 years
Undo the edit of beamed notes in tablature causes crash closed 6 10 years
Undo toggling concert pitch does not apparently restore previous notes closed 2 9 years
Undo Transpose causes crash closed 3 11 years