Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Ordine decrescente Replies Last updated
Unable to enter rest via toolbar in tablature active 6 8 anni
Beam and stem of cross-staff notes don't flip active P2 - Medium 6 4 anni
Some bracketed instruments presented as single staff still have brackets active 11 9 anni
Bracket positioning differs between full score and part active 1 9 anni
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 7 anni
Mixer doesn't show name change of instrument (but follows part name) active 8 2 anni
Morphological search for non-English languages active 3 8 anni
Join Scores and crash report active P1 - High 18 3 anni
implement OpenSL ES audio driver backend for android active 3 7 anni
Plugin: context of new Score() call affects resulting score active 1 8 anni
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 3 anni
Report false positive case to Norton Power Eraser active 0 7 anni
Centre lyric to notehead in stanza active 0 8 anni
[Trunk] Cannot go beyond repeat marks during skip playback active 4 1 anno
Ignore "parenthesized expressions" that precede lyric syllables active 21 8 anni
joined scores from album lose line alterations active 9 3 anni
Score loses focus when you change zoom factor via "View %" box active 7 9 anni
Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line active 18 11 mesi
Instrument Sound changes every time another score is opened active 4 8 anni
Submit MuseScore mime type to IANA active 4 4 anni
Pb avec le glissando active 0 7 anni
Staff style is not propagating from full score to parts and cannot be created in Staff Styles dialogue active 1 9 anni
Midi export: Instruments not correct needs info 9 7 anni
Request "Play notes while editing" command be added to toolbar active 4 8 anni
MDL Bassline Unison Rim Click is Indistinguishable from a Unison Hit active 7 3 anni