Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort descending
Remove "Pause" property from Inspector for breath mark or make it 'stealing' time from preceeding duration active 15 2개월
Image capture: "Auto-resize to page" misbehaves active 3.5 3 2개월
Midi Keyboard Problems needs info 3.4 4 2개월
[MusicXML export] Lyrics under rests get lost active 3.6 6 2개월
Playback issues needs info 4.x-dev 4 2개월
bars with many demisemiquavers drops last bar down to form a new line without a return needs info 3.6 8 2개월
Musescore Crashes needs info 3.6 9 2개월
Beam across a system break can disappear active P1 - High 3.0 15 2개월
[Accessibility] - Music not read and played when making keyboard selection active 3.4 2 2개월
COMPSKIS needs info 3.0 2 2개월
Musescore playback not working needs info 3.6 9 2개월
newScore does not generate a bass clef when called with "piano" or "grand-piano" active 3.6 2 한 달
Weird Piano Vibrato: check comments for answer needs info 3.4 13 한 달
bluetooth devices audio needs info 3.6 1 한 달
If I paste text into the frame (as title, subtitle, etc.) musescore exits needs info 4.x-dev 2 한 달
MuseScore Crashes Randomly active 3.6 0 한 달
[Accessibility] Speech for musical symbols in text active 3.6 2 한 달
Playback disabled, PortAudio Api selection is blank active 3.0 26 한 달
View>Documents Side by side doesn't work needs info 3.6 2 한 달
Program hangs indefinitely after just entering some notes needs info 3.6 2 한 달
Connected notes needs info 4.x-dev 7 한 달
Handbook: images have too much vertical space; and inline images have wrong vertical alignment active 3.6 6 한 달
MDL Scratch/Pop Noise, Followed by Glitched Playback active 3.2 69 한 달
Box notation / note frame support active 3.5 16 한 달
[MusicXML import] incorrect handling of sequentially numbered non-overlapping part-groups active 3.6 2 한 달