Repeats problem.

• May 5, 2016 - 09:44
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S4 - Minor

I have problem with repeats in MP3 Audio, there are no repeats at all, it plays straight from the beginning to the end. In MIDI file from the same score repeats are working normally.

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Works fine for me in 2.0.3 Make sure you have the 2.0.3 (the latest version), and make sure you have repeats turned on using the toolbar button before exporting the audio. If you continue to have problems, please say what OS you are on, and maybe post the mp3 file as well, and anything else relevant you can think of.

Also, FYI, the "Assigned" field is to identify the person who will fix a bug, not the person who reported it.

I've got now this piece with repeats working in Wave Audio, but now I can not find at all "Export to MP3" in selection of Export-menu. And I need to get this piece only to MP3.

Please help!!

indeed a bogus translation, fixed now, just wait an hour or so, then update the finish Translation

Edit:_ it is not just Finnish, but also ast, bg, eo, he, hr and zh_TW, I've fixed those too

Morning, unfortunately nothing is changed, finnish version is the same as yesterday there is no MP3. I tryed to change to english and back to finnish but no result.. OK, if it doesn't work I have to use english/USA I think.