All guitar barre lines have shifted out of position

• Nov 23, 2016 - 15:29
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Win 7 / eb36276

The file was created in 2.0.3. When opened in the nightly, all of the guitar barre lines have shifted. This is particularly noticeable in the Coda measure. Here, the barre line has shifted way over to the left.

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barre_lines_shifted.mscz 33.73 KB


Status (old) active needs info

Not that I can tell. I don't see ties anywhere in this piece, certainly not on the coda system..

To the extend I see any issue in 2.1 for this score, I can see that the position as reported by the Inspector seems different than in earlier builds, but visually,. they don't appear different, and they don't drift on save / reload. So I'm thinking we changed something about how the values are calculated, but I don't see any actual problem. There is a layout difference in the coda system - in older builds, the system was not filled (right justified) whereas it should have since it exceeds the fill threshold of 30%. This appears to have been corrected in 2.1. But if you change the fill threshold to 0, save, then load in both older and current builds, again, visually all is well even if the versions reported different values, and there is no change on save / reload.

So if there is a problem, it seems to me it is 3.0 only, as implied by the version tag, but confirmation would be useful, as well as screenshots or other information to describe the problem in more detail.