Keyboard shortcuts for up bow and down bow symbols

• Dec 26, 2016 - 13:53
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

It would be useful to have keyboard shortcuts for up bow and down bow symbols. As there is already a keyboard shortcut for slur, having keyboard shortcuts for up bow and down bow symbols would allow bowing marks to be entered through the keyboard.


I've heard someone is working on allowing all palette symbols to allow shortcuts in one of the future releases. I'm looking forward to it.

It does look fine to me, I'm not sure though whether we should supply a default shortcut along with it.
I, for one, would never ever use These shortcuts (as I'm never writing for bowed instruments), but might want to to use the assigned letters for something else.

I agree that these shortcuts are specific to bowed string players, but then they would use these extensively. Does this mean that these shortcuts won't be included in MuseScore?

I'm just voicing an opinion, nothing more. And as per that I'm completly OK with adding the ability to add shortcuts, but not so keen about assigning them too.

I am a violin player and I often write for strings, so I would happily use shortcuts to add bowings. But I'm uncertain whether these particular combinations (or any) should be assigned by default. Shift+U for up-bow makes sense; why Shift+Z for down-bow?

Aha. On an English QWERTY keyboard, they are almost at opposite corners, though. Is H near U on the QWERTZ keyboard? EDIT: I looked it up, and I see the only difference is the Z and Y keys are switched. So I would suggest Shift+H for downbow, as the keys are then in close proximity, and the letter H suggests the shape of the symbol.

I lean toward letting the user assign the shortcut like most of the rest under preferences. If you really want to assign a shortcut why not shift-v for Up and shift-n for down. They sort of look like the symbols.

They not only sort of look like the symbols, those symbols actually are the letters 'n' and 'v' (where 'n' is ank abbr. for nobilis and 'v' is an abbr. for vir). So, yes, those two would be the most natural shortcuts.

v is used for visibility, shift+v for Sforzato, n collides with note entry, shift+n with Tenuto
Ctrl-shift-v and Ctrl+shift+n seem to be free though.

Since the shortcuts are not assigned, I assigned may own. I used ctrl-d d for direction down and ctrl-d v for direction up. This makes the shortcuts all in the left hand, which is nice when using the numeric keypad for note duration.