R and + are not repositioning scoreview

• Jan 26, 2017 - 16:33
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Lasconic said he would fix the bug if I could explain how to make the blue cursor disappear off the screen. In the previous bug report I demonstrated how to make the cursor disappear off the left side of the screen, in this report I will explain how to make it disappear off the right side of the screen.

a. Set up the screen in a manner similar to how to make the cursor disappear off the right side of the screen, but leave the last note of the last measure with notes as a rest to start. The entire next measure plus a part of the following one needs to be visible to avoid an auto screen jump (which will ruin the demonstration).
setup for right side vanish.png

b. Enter an note in the final beat of the measure the same length as the rest (it can be any length rest, I use 1/4 for demonstration purposes only).
vanish right add a note.png

c. Change duration to whole note or above (7,8 or 9) and press either "+" or "R" to add a note with same pitch. Press one of those keys as many times as you like and once the note is in the measure after the one that was partially visible, the blue cursor and blue note (showing the last one entered) will disappear.

cursor vanished to the right.png

This was demonstrated on 2.0.3 but applies equally to 2.1-dev 75b66fd


Different steps to reproduce; it's *possible* a different section of code is involved. But I suspect you are right that it will turn out to be the same.

Someone told me they would fix this if I could tell how to reproduce it. There is no sign here that anyone is working on it. If the other one is the same fix it can be marked as a duplicate. As Marc said, there are different processes to cause it, so I wanted to ensure both situations were fixed.

In my opinion, a test file which allows to reproduce easily and constantly the issue would be really more useful that screen shots (I made a try, I can't reproduce for now)

I was able to reproduce, and on further thought, can do so with simpler steps:

1) empty score, 4/4, treble staff
2) continuous view
3) first measure, note input
4) 7 C

Now, keeping pressing "+" or "R" to enter more (tied in the case of "+" obviously). At the point where the notes go off screen, the view won't be positioned, and you will then be entering notes you can't see.

It seems the code for those two commands is not repositioning the scoreview as it should.

Okay, I can now. I had not well understand this: "At the point where the notes go off screen, the view won't be positioned"

EDIT: I observe the same behavior since years (until May 2014)