Name note input shortcuts the same as in the note input tool.

• Oct 29, 2018 - 16:02
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I called this major, because the current list of shortcuts makes no sense and people cannot find the action they want to enter a shortcut for.

In the note input tool you have a choice of

Step-Time (Default)
Real-Time (Automatic)
Real-Time (Manual)

In the preferences these are listed by the description you get when you hover your mouse over them. This makes no sense. People ask for a shortcut for these and we must explain to them that the shortcut exists, it's just listed in an obscure way.

I'm not asking that any shortcuts be assigned, just call them the same as in the note input tool, perhaps they can be prefaced with "Note input: " to clarify the purpose of the shortcut, especially since "Rhythm" would be as much obsure as "Enter durations with a single click or keypress."


That much at least is indeed a no-brainer. But especially as we now have (as of yesterday?) a new "Timewise" mode for inserting notes (!), it's maybe also worth revisiting the discussions about changing how these shortcuts work, so you can toggle in and out of the modes as well as swap between them more easily. Seems there was a good forum discussion but I can't find it right now...

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Not sure what you mean by toogling in and out. If I toogle out of 'Re-Pitch', what would I then get. The default or the previously selected or ...
Isn't it enough to be able to set a shortcut for each input mode?
I agree that the texts in the shortcut list should start with the same words, so they stick together in the listing.
(e.g "Note input - re-pitch mode", "Node input - step/time mode").

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What I mean by not toggling is that N currently toggles the selected input mode on and off. I think the shortcuts should only switch to and if necessary turn on the selected input mode and leave N to toggle input modes on and off. This is how ctrl+shift+i currently works for re-pitch mode. I was only making it clear that there should be no change in the current behavior. All that is really needed is for the text in the shortcuts to be changed.

Another reasonable expectation is that a shortcut for any other note input mode would work the same as "N" - puts you in that mode if you aren't already, returns you to normal mode if you are already in that mode. I'd have to play with both a bit to see which I found more useful. As mentioned, there was a decent forum discussion of this not so long ago, but even without finding that, I think we can probably brainstorm something here. Or maybe throw it back to the forum...

Afterthought. We could have the best of both like this.
N - toggle input mode in/off for currently selected method
Method shortcuts - using the same toggles that method in/out
- using another changes to that method, but stays in current mode (as today)

Names in note input tool are still different to the ones in Preferences->Shortcuts :-)
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