Dynamic and Crescendo/Decrescendo won't coexist in the same spot.

• Nov 4, 2018 - 22:56
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P0 - Critical
S3 - Major

Whenever I try to place a dynamic on a note where a crescendo/decrescendo also is, they both get moved to behind the first measures. To recreate it, place a dynamic or crescendo/decrescendo with a note selected, and then place either the dynamic or crescendo/decrescendo (which ever you didn't place yet) with that same note selected.

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Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

In the advanced lines there is a line that starts with an mf dynamic and has a crescendo hairpin, that puts an mf followed by a decrescendo hairpin on a single note. I'm not sure if this is intended to be the proper way to do it or how to fix the dynamic on the line. Changing the inspector eliminates the dynamic. Undo does not restore the dynamic. I think it should be Major severity since there is no good work around for it, just bad ones.

No good workaround? Try this:
1. Add hairpin.
2. Select hairpin, and uncheck "Automatic placement" in the Inspector.
3. Add dynamic.
4. Move hairpin to desired position.

Type Graphical (UI) Functional

That to me counts as a bad workaround :-). It's actually harder than the process for 2.x. Current behavior is a bug, plain and simple. The results seem to depend on the specific context, but in those cases where the hairpin appears far to the left of notes you are attaching it to, that's just wrong. Unchecking "Automatic placement" reverts it to more or less the same as 2.x, but the whole point of automatic placement was supposed to do better.

BTW, there is ni more "Layout" type for bugs, but I take "graphical" to mean, something about the user interface itself, not the appearance of the score. So I am changing the type to "functional".

Sure it's a bug. It is a problem with the automatic placement function. Disabling automatic placement for the hairpin allows the user to work around the bug. You could not hope for a better workaround than that.

Priority P3 - Low P0 - Critical
Status active fixed

Should be fixed in latest version. If you want to get vertical aligned hairpins/dynamics you can set the dynamic symbol as start text/end text of the hairpin. Drag and drop a dynamic from the palette to the hairpin sets the right end text.