Preferences/Shortcuts not shown (and so not changable)

• Nov 28, 2018 - 19:13
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P0 - Critical
S1 - Blocker

In 3.0 Beta under Edit/Preferences/Shortcuts no shortcuts are found, the dialog is empty
(Windows 7, German)


Installing the beta won't lose your development builds' shortcuts.
This problem is for the Beta and the Beta only. Where and why is still to be determined, could be released to packaging, but definitely is something that needs fixing.

My impression you wouldn't "lose" your shortcuts; they should be maintained separately from master builds anyhow. Meaning. your master shortcuts are still your master shortcuts, stored in MuseScore3Development folders, whereas the beta would keep everything in MuseScore3. But you could presumably copy over your shortcuts once this issue is figured out. That's my assumption anyhow.

EDIT: I tested, and this is true. Copying shortcuts.xml from your MuseScore3Development folder to MuseScore3 definitely works to retain custom shortcuts, even though they don't display in the dialog. As for where to find these folders, that's OS-specific. On Windows, C:\Users\Marc\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore3 (substitute your own user name for Marc)

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If installing the beta puts it in a new folder, then it should not be surprising that your nightly shortcuts are not there, they're in the folder where you left them for your nightlies. You should just be able to copy the shortcut list to the new directory. Or am I missing something?

Yes, you are mississing something: the shortcuts dialog on the Beta is just empty. I don't expect the nightly shortcuts there at all, but I expect the default shortcuts, for me to change.
The file shortcuts.xml is actually there, and in effect, it ist just not shown in the dialog, so can't get changed (not via the UI at least)

Culprit is 72d64c91, by yours truely... OK, so I'll be wearing a brown paperbag over my head for the rest of the day then ;-)
Intention was to hide the save-online shortcut in unstable builds unless the -e option is used, apparently I screwed up the logic.