Natural-sharp/natural-flat not recognized as same accidental as sharp/flat

• Dec 1, 2018 - 19:46
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When you use a natural/sharp or natural/flat symbol to cancel out, for example, a double sharp, the next note of the same pitch in the measure will show an accidental. The only way to suppress it is to make it invisible, which leaves a hole in the score where the invisible accidental is.

What is expected is that when you enter a natural/sharp, then the next note with the same pitch will not have an accidental.


Really these shouldn't be treated as separate symbols in MuseScore. Instead, there should just be a style option to force ordinary sharps and flats to be displayed as natural sharps and natural flats if they occur after a double sharp or double flat. Ordinary sharps and flats could be an inspector option "show natural = {true, false, auto}" (with default of auto) to override this on an individual basis.

By the way, modern notation practise recommends against using natural-sharps and natural-flats because a single sharp or flat can only have one possible meaning anyway, so adding a natural sign just creates unnecessary clutter.

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Many of us prefer to use historical notations in our transcriptions. The natural/sharp and natural/flat to me are redundant, but they often exist in historical scores and should be an option, which they are. The thing is they need to work correctly and a check box like the "Has Bracket" check box would work for me but would probably cause backward compatibility problems. MuseScore should be smart enough to know it has the same meaning as a sharp.

Yes, they should definitely be supported, but it should be via a style so that you can quickly enable or disable them all at once rather than having to go through a score to change them all manually. A style or checkbox would actually reduce compatibility problems compared to adding a new symbol, though of course now that the symbol has been added compatibility problems are unavoidable.

Title Natural/sharp or flat not recognized as same accidental as sharp or flat Natural-sharp/natural-flat not recognized as same accidental as sharp/flat
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_fix #279179, fix #293984: Natural-sharp/natural-flat not recognized as same accidental as sharp/flat

Also resolves:, which is really the same issue.

NATURAL_SHARP and NATURAL_FLAT are handled in the same way as microtonal accidentals, but unlike microtonal accidentals, NATURAL_SHARP and NATURAL_FLAT affect the playback pitch of the note. Therefore, when these accidentals are encountered, it is incorrect to set the accidental state to NATURAL. Instead, it must be set to the AccidentalValue that corresponds to the accidental's subtype._

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