MuseJazz text messed up on import 2.x => 3.0

• Dec 10, 2018 - 09:14
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Open any of the demo scores by Marc Sabatella. All bold MuseJazz text is completely messed up. Too fat and letters collide with one another.

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Those scores were created in 1.3 (or earlier) and indeed need an update. Codepoints have changed since then and I'm not sure what can be done in general abut such scores, but I will take a look. Marking P0 to make sure it doesn't fall off the plate to at least look, but I reserve the right to punt in the end :-)

@Marc, afaiu we need to recreate demo scores from scratch to make them work correctly in 3.0?

UPD: text is not the problem if you first save the score in MuseScore 2.X version and then open in MuseScore 3. The real problem is the rectangles instead of the chord symbols :)

Yes, and I believe the chord symbols is because something is wrong in our reading of the old-style chord description files XML files. I plan to look at that next, and I am indeed in the process of updating demos (that's I got on my recent slur layout kick, from redoing "Reunion"). We could use more demos too, maybe we could put out a call for submissions?

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I can't reproduce the genera (non-chord-symbol-related) text problems, not with current build or with most recent beta. In particular, the titles and other bold font loiok normal to me on "All Dudes"; I don't see the overlap shown. Can people reproduce with other scores?

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So I have this problem when creating new scores in MS3 with the lead sheet format. Certain text elements like rehearsal marks, tempo markings, "swing" etc. are automatically set to bold, and it looks hideous in the musejazz font. It's odd though, because if you zoom in at like 200%, it looks alright.

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I certainly don't and it looks pretty bad, MuseJazz in Bold and on lower zooms is the issue here I think

strange, screenshots don't get it across.... Seems it is the plain rendering in scoreview
Also might be Windows only? (it isn't Qt dependent, I tried with 5.9 and 5.12)

I'm on Windows and it looks normal to me. Could be related to screen resolution. I think know the look you are describing and have seen it sometimes in thumbnails and definitely saw it in the screenshot attached to the original post here. So no doubt something is wrong in text rendering, but I don't know what.

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Unfortunately, I remain unable to reproduce. Whatever is going with the scaling etc, seems to affect only some systems. I do hope someone else can look at this.

But it isn't really an import issue, is it? I've the same appearance by using bold for MuseJazz text with a new score inside MuseScore 3.

It isn't about the bold for the title, it is the total lack of MuseJazz for composer and lyrics I'm some parts of the score in the forum topic I linked to. At least I think that is the issue?

If there is an issue with MuseJazz being missing somewhere that it is otherwise expected, that's unrelated and a separate issue should be filed for it. Taking a quick look at the score and parts in question, it looks like some of the parts have different content in their title frames than others - some have subtitles, others have plain frame text. So it's probably a duplicate of #281374: Subtitle wrongly positioned in imported 2.x scores II — the sequal, or at least another aspect of that issue, nothing about MuseJazz per se.

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