Fingerings do not avoid beams

• Dec 23, 2018 - 10:03
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Can you please attach the score and information here to keep everything focused in one place?

The circled numbers are not true fingerings; they are string number indications. So it is correct in general they would not be intermixed with fingerings. But if you attach your score and information here, we can discuss whether there is some special usage going on that might warrant different treatment.

Thanks Marc.
There are definitively ordinary fingering, the circle has been obtained by text properties (putting it in bold as well).
Here the content of the original post:
Before reset:
After reset:

2 problems:

Measure 2 and 6: fingering i with a circle is higher positioned, should be aligned with other fingering.
I suppose the auto position algorithm overvalues the necessary space for the circle.

Measure 1 and 5: why is the fingering i of the before last note so low? And why is the m of the last note so high?

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When you select the circled i in the score the status bar reports it as "Fingering string number" this is true in both versions 2 & 3. It seems you have changed the text on a string to make the i rather than change the text properties of a finger to circle it.

Thanks for the info Mike, it means I was exploring a new way to circle some fingering at that time, usually I add all them "normally" then circle the important ones by text properties.
I have changed them in V2, and the problem is different, they are now positioned too low...
Problem of measure 1 and 5 is still the same.

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If they are normal fingerings and not string numbers, you shouldn't be using the string number text style, but instead should simply add a circle manually via text properties in 2.0 or the Inspector in 3.0 (easier because you do several at once now). If you deliberately use the wrong text style, it shouldn't be surprising that the new 3.0 defaults don't work so well.

Title Fingerings with circle are incorrectly positioned Fingerings do not avoid beams

The note itself is lower, so no surprise the fingering is. But it would be better if it avoided the beam. That to me is the bug here. In general, the autoplace for fingering is rather limited, but this mc is supposed to work, at least according to the comment in the code. So I'm leaving this open separate from the more general suggestion to do additional collision avoidance for fingering.

Attached is a simple example.

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