Support auto-update between different phases, e.g. RC to GA

• Jan 11, 2019 - 13:14
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(I call Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate & General Available ”phases”, since version, variant etc. each have their own connotation)

When the 3.0.0-RC was released, the auto upgrade mechanism did not allow it to upgrade to 3.0.0-GA/final since RC was part of the testing update repo (from my understanding, could be wrong). This confused a lot of users since there clearly was an update available, when the auto updater saying there was not.

Please allow upgrade between phases where the risk is low, I propose the following:

  • RC can auto-upgrade to GA/final
  • Alpha can auto-upgrade to Beta

To be complete, I don't think one should allow upgrade from previous GA minor version, to next RC version:

  • 3.0.0-GA -> 3.0.1-RC = not supported. Users will have to upgrade manually. Some software have the option to enable an option to access updates early (e.g. access to RC), which should make this combination valid.
  • 3.0.1-RC -> 3.0.1-RC = allowed.

A similar scheme for auto-update between Alpha & Beta

  • 3.1.0-Alpha1 -> 3.1.0-AlphaN -> 3.1.0-Beta1.

Moving from Beta to Alpha is up for discussion.

  • 3.0.0-Beta3 -> 3.1.0-Alpha1

Some may consider Beta to Alpha not worth the effort and complexity. I stopped using beta3 when RC was released, but but still have it on my Mac (it installs to a different location in /Applications) if auto-update will update from 3.0.0-Beta3 to the newer 3.1.0-Alpha, it could significantly increase member participation in the program from much earlier.

The potential added benefit is that the auto update process gets a lot more testing pre-RC.


Download the new environment binary and manually upgrade using the OS-specific installer.


Title Common-sense and predictable auto-update scenarios between different phases, e.g. RC to GA Support auto-update between different phases, e.g. RC to GA

Predictable and Common Sense may be up for debate. Trying to make this a less subjective title

Regression No Yes
Priority P2 - Medium

Common sense is much less common than it should be ;-)
It is a regression in the sense that not even 'check for update' gives a hint about the availability of an update (while the new automatic update is a new feature)