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• Apr 26, 2019 - 16:26
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In discussions, sometimes in comments, hours appear incorrectly. ie. comment posted in 18:21, appears to be posted in 16:21. Or 15:51 is 11:51. And so on.


If you click on the down arrow next to your name in the blue banner above, there is a "Settings" option where you can set your time zone. This will help to keep the displayed times accurate for your location.

@frfancha I saw that conversation. I believe your computer is possessed and you should consider calling an exorcist if you want it fixed. Setting the time zone normally works.

It seems the times are being displayed at the local time for the person posting. I hadn't noticed this. Not too long ago I paid attention and was getting everything based upon my local time.


When this discussion started, the times posted were the local time for the person posting the reply. So, in my browser, the response 2 replies above yours by
Louis Cloete was listed at something like 23:15 or the next day at 00:15 and my next response was listed at 17:38. Now the reply by Louis is listed at 17:15 and mine is listed at 17:38, all as expected.

You response is currently list at 03:28, which is what time it was here when you responded. I am making this repsponse at about 10:43 my local time so you can hopefully see what is happening.

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The simple and correct implementation of timestamp is that the server registers timestamp of post (with its timezone of course), ignoring completely time settings of posting browser which may be completely erroneous.
Then in the interface, these timestamp of all posts would all be translated in the timezone of the browser (or even not translated at all), that way having answers displayed before questions is impossible.
I suppose the implementation has not been done like that, otherwise the singularities we observe are difficult to understand.