Allow double click of text to select a word; and triple click to select a paragraph

• Jun 7, 2011 - 00:13
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1. Open score.
2. Create lyric.
3. Double-click to enter Edit Mode.
4. Double-click text.

Expected result: All the text is selected.
Actual result: Text is not selected.

Workaround: Select All via shortcut.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4338) - Mac 10.4.11.


Is this actually a bug? I find this behavior more convenient than the old - I almost never want to start with all text selected. That's useful primarily if you plan to delete the delete, but then, you wouldn't be double clicking it - you'd simple delete it.

I'm not sure you read his post correctly. He's not expecting to start in Edit mode with the text selected, he wants to double-click to select it all once in Edit mode. That's a normal and expected mouse operation to select (highlight) text.

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You're right, I misread - sorry. I was also confused because double click is *not* normally "select all" on Windows - it's "select a single word". *Triple* click is "select all" (or at least, select line, or select paragraph, or select some unit more than a single word).

There's a couple of other common text shortcuts that don't work in MuseScore - Ctrl+left & Ctrl+right to move the cursor a word at a time, maybe others I am not remembering right now. I've always assumed these were Qt limitations.

Title [Trunk] Double-click text does not select all Double-click text does not select all

I apologise for the misleading title and expected result :).

A friend and I use MuseScore extensively to collaborate on songs, and we both have found it frustrating not being able to use the traditional double click = word select and triple-click = select all when editing text. You mention this might be a Qt limitation, but I have plenty of Qt apps on my system (running KDE 4.13.3) that follow this convention.

I suspect you are right - we implement much of our own navigation & selection code, which is probably necessary to support the special handling we do for musical symbols. So we'd have to handle these ourselves too, I guess.

FWIW, triple-click miught not select all, but Ctrl+A does. So it's really just double click for "select word" that is not implemented as far as selection goes. Although personally, I usually care much less about *selecting* words than *navigating* by word, and Ctrl+Left/Right are not implemented, either. And if Shift+Ctrl+Left/RIght did the standard select-by-word they normally do, I doubt I'd miss double click. Not that there's anything wrong with implementing double click too, but if something about our special handling makes this difficult, then I'd be perfectly happy with just the cursor fixes.

Title Double-click text does not select all Double/triple-click text does not select word(s)

I should have been more accurate - my issue was double-click doesn't select the word.

However, triple-click should also be implemented if there are more than two words.

Also we can't forget double-click drag, where double-clicking selects a word, and then keeping the mouse button down and dragging left or right selects additional words.

FWIW, ctrl+shift+left/right to select a word at a item is now implemented. This probably provides the necessary framework to implement double-click to select by word.

Title Double/triple-click text does not select word(s) Double/triple-click text does not select word/paragraph, and Shift+Up/Down does not extend selection

I'm glad this is already on the radar—I was planning to file a feature request at some point. I have added something else (self-explanatory) to the title of this issue, though.

Title Double/triple-click text does not select word/paragraph, and Shift+Up/Down does not extend selection Double/triple-click text does not select word/paragraph

And provide precise steps to reproduce. Shift+Up/Down extends selections just fine in the cases I have tried - both in music and in text.

It appears that I was expecting Shift+Up/Down to extend a selection to the beginning/end of the text, which it seems some programs do and some don't. For example, as I type this in Firefox, Shift+Up a couple of times selects right up to the beginning—but I just tested it in LibreOffice, and it doesn't work. So that would definitely be a feature request, not a bug report, and indeed does not belong here. Thank you.

FWIW, the conventional behavior of Shift+Up on most systems/applications I know is to extend the selection to the previous line, and that is exactly what MuseScore does - both for lines of text and lines (staves within a system) of music. That is, in a multi-line text element, with the cursor positioned somewhere in, say, the third line, Shift+Up extends selection to the corresponding spot on the second line, and then pressing again extends to the first line.

Indeed, exactly—but I would like it if in your example, pressing it yet again would then extend the beginning from the "corresponding spot" in the first line all the way to the beginning. In MuseScore, where most text elements are only one line, a single Shift+Up would usually extend to the beginning.

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Fixed in branch master, commit 0141be7c60

_fix #10986: double click / triple click to select word / all text

  • double click to select word when editing text elements in score
  • triple click to select all text
  • second click on selected element moves text element into editing mode_
Title Double/triple-click text does not select word/paragraph Allow double click of text to select a word; and triple click to select a paragraph
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