Playback cursor does not follow complex tuplets

• May 1, 2019 - 18:16
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Graphical (UI)
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As attached V3.1 score, when playing bar 17, playing bar and playing note focus dispersed from beat 3. This can be visually traced by slowing down the play speed to 10%, as screen captured.
And it looks the playing bar is falling behind the current playing notes.
The same score works well with MS2 for this same bar.


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I agree, the playback cursor lags when the piano in invisible. Also, the two instruments play at different rates as shown by the colored notes and the playback cursor. I don't see any immediate reason for this happening. Perhaps the 30-let is causing it.

When you make the piano visible the notes line up and play properly.

Title Playing bar and playing note focus dispersed Playback cursor does not follow complex tuplets
Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor
Priority P2 - Medium

Actually the invisible piano part isn't the issue, same thing happens if you simply delete it. Problem seems to be in the calculation of where the playback cursor actually is. Presumably something was that missed in the tick to fraction conversion a couple of months ago.

Meanwhile, unless I am missing something this is an onscreen visual glitch during playback only, so I've adjusted severity and set priority accordingly.

You seem to be missing something. When the piano is invisible, the notes are played at the wrong time. You can hear the beat 8 piano notes playing while the cursor is still on the 30-let and playing notes. I hear them start about the same time as the G-natural with a 3 above it on beat 5.2. These notes should not start until after the dotted 1/4 note starts on beat 8.

Priority P2 - Medium P1 - High
Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

OK, sorry, I had my sound off (working at the library), and the description seemed to be suggesting the issue was with the cursor, not the actual playback itself.

Type Performance Graphical (UI)

Right, it's a regression in 3.1 beta almost certainly caused by the fraction change I mentioned. I now suspect it's actually caused by the same underlying issue as #287883: Sextuplets display as triplet, corruption on copy/paste and as such is already at least partially fixed in master. I'm not 100% sure, because I can reproduce the problem with the score in master - the cursor issue only, playback is actually fine - but I can't reproduce it if I copy/paste the tuplet to a new score. If the issue were only visible using the 3.1 version of the score and not the 2.3.2 version, I'd consider the matter closed, as I don't think it's reproducible from scratch. But the fact that there is a cursor issue working from 2.3.2 is still a concern and needing further investigation. There is obviously something going on, but I'm having trouble pinning it down.

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