Stave brackets disappear on a 1 line percussion staff

• Jun 7, 2019 - 03:11
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Regression since this problem didn't seem to exist in MuseScore 2.

  1. Create a score that includes a triangle, cymbal or any instrument that uses a 1 line staff.
  2. Add a bracket to this staff. It will be not be visible.


  3. Right-click on the staff > Staff Properties > increase the number of staff lines to 2. Now the bracket is visible.


When there is only one staff line the bracket has zero height, hence this problem arises. A simple solution would be to provide a minimum bracket height such as 2 sp, which is equivalent to what the height would be for a 3 line staff.

Bracketing multiple percussion staves

A minimum bracket height of 2sp would give 1sp of clearance either side of a 1 line staff. This minimum clearance should apply even when the bracket is connected to other staves.

Current behaviour


What interests us here is that the flat part of the bracket is not wide enough to enclose the percussion clefs, and the tips of the bracket are not wide enough to enclose the time signatures. The barline problems are dealt with in #290410: Barlines on a 1 line percussion staff.

Expected behaviour


Gould does not give an explicit minimum clearance, but the examples on pages 512, 513 and 533 of Behind Bars suggest a clearance of about 1sp, which I have shown in the mock-up. This is enough to enclose a percussion clef and to ensure that the time signature is within the tips of the bracket's curve.

Bracketing 2 line staves

2 line staves are separated by 1sp. If brackets are given a minimum height of 2sp then this will affect how they are rendered on 2 line staves. We will need to see some examples before we can decide whether this is a problem.


Frequency Once Few
Reported version 3.1 3.2

Hello everyone,
Same problem as described above: stave brackets are invisible in 1-line percussion staff. When entering a bracket on a staff (by select and double-click or by click and drop) all the staves are moved a bit to the right as if to make space for the bracket, but it's still not showing.

Bug replicated on all tries, my system: windows 10, musescore versions: and nigthly (64-bit):