update ensemble strings instruments to select correct presets

• Jun 7, 2019 - 16:09
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When adding section strings instruments to a score (e.g., "Violins", "Violas", etc.), the preset "Strings Fast Expr." is always selected in the mixer. However, the appropriate section samples should be selected instead, based on the list below:

[Instrument : Preset]
Violins : "Violins Fast Expr." (bank 21, preset 48)
Violas: "Violas Fast Expr." (bank 31, preset 48)
Violoncellos: "Celli Fast Expr." (bank 41, preset 48)
Contrabasses: "Basses Fast Expr." (bank 51, preset 48)


This is very interesting, but how exactly can one make that change in a score? Particularly, how to make the change permanent, even if one had to edit manually the MSCX file.
Banks 21, 31, 41 and 51 are all already present in the HQ Soundfont?
Is there an easy way to navigate the different banks of a SoundFont?
I guess they appear in the long list of patches in the mixer, but there is no clue regarding the bank number until one selects one and then opens the contextual tip which informs bank and program numbers. It would be better if a list could be accessed in tabular form indicating for each abstract patch number which bank it belongs to.

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@Jojo-Schmitz: Yes, this should be done in any template where individual string sections exist.
@fmiyara: Yes, the individual string section banks are present in both the standard and HQ versions of the SoundFont, though the difference between them is only audible in the HQ version. I would love to see the preset list improved, including bank/preset # display. See here.

I guess it won't work notmally, via saveing a score, right? Like #290736: presets on banks >0 are not saved in score?
Still knowning the exact syntax might help in fixing that template via manually additing it?

Ah, I see <controller ctrl="32" value="21"/> (and 31, 41, 51)

What about piccicato and tremolo channels on those strings, I guess they should change too?

This all neeeds to go into instruments.xml, I guess.

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