Fingering is too small on small notes / chords

• Oct 21, 2020 - 12:42
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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 465e7b6

Open the attached score. You can immediately see that all fingering numbers/letters have been reduced in size on small notes/chords. The font-size should, of course, be as for normal size notes.

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Severity S2 - Critical S5 - Suggestion

This is currently by design - most people have requested markings on small notes to be small. I could imagine why fingering might be considered an exception, though. So I encourage you to start a discussion on the forum to see if others agree.

Staff text isn't attached to a "note" but to a "segment" - a position in time on a staff. It's been suggested that they should scale, and that's also a valid user request that is being considered for MuseScore 4. But the things actually attached to notes or chords - like accidentals, or articulations - do scale with the notes, as users expect. Fingering is the only text type attached to a note.

So again, I can potentially see arguments for why fingering should be treated as an exception, but also arguments for why it shouldn't be. It would be important to get a consensus among multiple users before making such a change.

Yes, for the cadenza case, that could make sense, although by no means a given - the larger fingerings could make the overall effect too cluttered in some cases. For the cue note case, it's even less clear. This is why, again, I say it's important to get a broad range of opinions considering a variety of real world use cases.

No, nothing else is specifically excluded, it's just that as mentioned originally, fingering and tuplet numbers are unique in not being attached to segments but to notes/chords/rests. Things like staff text are unaffected by changes to notes because they aren't attached to the notes in the first place.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 739921b1ec

_fix #312029: don't scale fingering with note size


A recent change to text layout for the sake of scale tuplet numbers
caused fingerings to start scaling with note size.
On one hand this might seem desirable, in practice it seems not.
After discussion on Telegram, it was decided to keep fingerings
full size when making notes small.

The original change - to have text layout respect
the text element's own "mag" setting - is good.
The fix here is to prevent changes to note sizes
from affecting the fingering "mag"._

Fix version