New Export dialog (pdfs etc.) has too many steps

• Dec 2, 2020 - 11:47
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The old export dialog involved clicking on the "Export" option then "Save". However, at least for pdfs, the new export process represents a loss of utility because it adds up to three extra steps: (1) The export dialog, (2) an "export successful" dialog, and (3) an extra save confirmation if the file exists already (in addition to the Windows confirmation).


I think these export settings are about as well placed as they could be. It makes zero sense for them to be hidden in 'preferences'.

I'd also point out that exporting is not a very common action (compared to, say, adding a slur mark, or pressing Undo). For most people, this is something they'd do once they've accomplished a significant amount of writing. For this reason, I think it is completely acceptable to add this extra step. It's also a very common flow (witness any Adobe or 3D app export settings, as well as export settings in apps like Logic Pro).

I do agree that the 'Export successful' dialog is unnecessary though.

I think it would be reasonable to have the default options set so you can choose Export then hit enter and you would get a PDF export of the currently viewed score as you currently do.

Just a reminder about the other issue: the "Confirm replace" dialog which duplicates the "Confirm save as" dialog.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 1f0c7ee0f1

_Fix #313886: Streamline user experience regarding Export

  • Smarter suggestions for filenames.
  • If only one file will be created during export, the filename will
    be exactly as the user types in the SaveDialog, so therefore, we
    can have the SaveDialog responsible for asking whether the user
    wants to replace any existing files.
  • Otherwise, we will ask the user ourselves.
  • If the user has clicked "Skip all" or "Replace all", that choice
    will be synced between the ExportDialog and savePng and saveSvg
    (by having them use a pointer to the same SaveReplacePolicy), so
    that the user won't be asked again the same question._
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