play repeats and jumps work only 1st time

• Jan 18, 2015 - 09:03
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Assuming a score with the following structure

A, B, B, C, B, B, D, B, B, E, F, B, B

B has repeat bars and 1st and 2nd volta, starts with a Segno and ends with a Fine
C ends with a jump to Segno until Fine continue at Coda2
D starts with Coda2 and ends with a jump to Segno until Fine continue at Coda3
E starts with Coda3
F ends with a jump to Segno until Fine

A (boring) sample score attached, created in 1.3
This plays just fine in 1.3, except that B gets repeated only in the 1st round, which is a known issue.

In 2.0 (gitbub-musescore.musescore-2e2aa1c3) only the jump at the end of C works (but also doesn't repeat B in the 2nd round), the jumps at the end of D and F are ignored.

This may fall into the category 'complicated roadmap', which MuseScore can't do, but as it worked in 1.3, this seems to be a regression.

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The fact that repeats are not played on the DS is not a bug; it's the standard interpretation in the absence of an explicit "play repeats on DS" instruction. Not that we support any such instruction, of course. There's an outstanding request [#8694].

The fact that the subsequent jumps are not honored is probably related to #23773: After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing. . But FWIW, althohgh you have DS al Coda, I don't see any "to Coda" markings, so the expected results actually undefined as far as I can tell.

I know about the repeats vs. Ds, I only mentioned it here for completeness.
Guess you mean #8604: Better control of repeats and jumps for playback. Might get implemented as a property of the jumps, 'with repeats', so you could tick it in inspector? Anyway, not what this issue is about

If I add a "To Coda" at the end of section B, not even the 1st jump (at the end of section C) works
Those jumps have been modified to not take the 'code' as the 'Play until' but the 'fine'.
This should work and does in 1.3.
I don't see the relation to #23773: After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing. , this too talks about repeat barlines being ignored and even if jumping forward, looks like a different issue to me

I just checked this bug again and it seems that changing the second volta repeat list from 2 to 2, 3, 4 solves the problem.

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Status active fixed
Reported version 3.0

This has been implemented in master quite a while ago, since Oct 13 2016, in a95613ea8

my dude this has now been fixed as far is i know,simply press on the D.S. al coda ,then press F8 to make the inspector pop,and down below in the inspector window there's a tick box that says play repeats. just tick that. B00M,Biq Shaq,man's not hot.