Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Break multi-measure rests as a group active 4 10 years
implode should merge into voice 2 and 3 also active 3.6 3 2 years
Unexpected clefs and key signatures are shown in parts closed 3.0 5 7 years
Adding Staccato to part does not show in part until restart active 3.0 2 5 years
"show invisible" does not show until new item is added active 3.5 0 3 years
Add gClef8vbParens to Emmentaler closed 3 8 years
Musescore cannot be started twice closed 4 10 years
Why is "cancel" on the left side of the choices in New Document? closed 3.0 28 5 years
Musescore 4.0 crashes when removing USB-headset active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
Arpeggio length should only cover applicable notes closed 6 10 years
Copy text and exit MuseScore causes crash (Windows) closed 3 11 years
drag text frame freezes program closed 2.1 3 5 years
overlapping braces when adding a sythesizer's bass staff atop a piano staff active 3.1 5 3 years
Poor spacing in tuplets closed 9 12 years
Handles for text and further elements to move them from one beat to another active 3.6 3 2 years
Double-click sliders in play panel or synthesizer sets them to zero closed 2.1 14 6 years
Slurs and dynamics appear in other staff active 3.5 5 2 years
Edit Style Dialog for Tuplets unclear active 3 8 years
Custom score style not used as default closed 3 10 years
Over tooltip in piano roll keyword does not match written notation when using trasposition instruments active 3.3 0 4 years
musescore corrupting files when adding or removing measures active 4.x-dev 8 1 year
Label fields for width and height of toolbar icons in Preferences > General closed 2.1 21 6 years
[Regression] Note head positioned away from ledger line in 1.2 score closed 4 10 years
Copy and paste multiple Fretboard Diagrams closed 3.0 16 6 years
upload probl;em needs info 3.0 1 4 years