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Pá, 29 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:38 Handbook Chord symbolspoopraveno geetar
Correction, clarification.
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Čt, 28 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:19 Handbook Command line optionspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 13:17 Handbook Command line optionspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Po, 18 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:08 Handbook Preferencespoopraveno geetar
Updated "Export" tab image.
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So, 9 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 18:41 Handbook Share scores onlinepoopraveno Shoichi
 (diff) (hist) 13:12 Handbook Fretboard diagramspoopraveno SlowRabbit
Út, 5 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Repeats and jumpspoopraveno geetar
Added images to "Markers."
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Ne, 3 červen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:11 Handbook Repeats and jumpspoopraveno geetar
Pá, 25 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:29 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
St, 23 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:37 Handbook Glossarypoopraveno geetar
Uploaded new acciaccatura image. Seems to fit OK.
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 (diff) (hist) 10:19 Handbook Glossarypoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
@geetar: see https://musescore.org/en/node/272605
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 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Glossarypoopraveno geetar
English lang. links only. Images don't format correctly so can be left out.
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 (diff) (hist) 04:42 Handbook Glossarypoopraveno Shoichi
Test element inserted in the score and use of the 'Stamp' button
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Út, 22 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 05:41 Handbook Replace pitches without changing rhythmspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 05:39 Handbook Note input modespoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Ne, 6 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Handbook Beamspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
St, 2 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:13 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno mike320
Út, 1 květen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:16 Handbook Share scores onlinepoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Po, 30 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 12:43 Handbook Text editingpoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 12:36 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:56 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:34 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno geetar
Rearranged and condensed Synalepha text.
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 (diff) (hist) 09:15 Handbook Lyricspoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Ne, 22 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:22 Handbook Viewing and navigationpoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Pá, 20 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:48 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filespoopraveno geetar
Removed "Kbd" tags and some corrections.
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St, 18 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 22:45 Handbook Getting startedpoopraveno mike320
Ne, 15 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:58 Page Contributepoopraveno pfri
So, 14 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 11:25 Handbook Preferencespoopraveno geetar
Added some detail to I/O.
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Pá, 13 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 08:20 Page Contributepoopraveno pfri
 (diff) (hist) 08:12 Page Contributepoopraveno pfri
 (diff) (hist) 08:12 Page Contributepoopraveno pfri
 (diff) (hist) 07:53 Page Supportpoopraveno pfri
 (diff) (hist) 07:51 Page Supportpoopraveno pfri
St, 11 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 09:56 Handbook Figured basspoopraveno pfri
 (diff) (hist) 09:54 Handbook Figured basspoopraveno pfri
Út, 10 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 12:48 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filespoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Čt, 5 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:33 Book Known incompatibilitiespoopraveno Josepheroic
 (diff) (hist) 15:32 Book Basicspoopraveno Josepheroic
St, 4 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:55 Handbook Text styles and propertiespoopraveno geetar
Reordered and tweaked text. Added "Text properties" image.
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 (diff) (hist) 10:10 Handbook Custom palettespoopraveno Josepheroic
Po, 2 duben 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:51 Handbook Mixerpoopraveno geetar
Refreshed image and tweaked text.
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Čt, 29 březen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:32 Handbook Language settings and translation updatespoopraveno Josepheroic
St, 21 březen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 02:53 Handbook Linespoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Pá, 16 březen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 20:40 Handbook MIDI importpoopraveno Niels Erik Nielsen 2
Čt, 8 březen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 08:48 Handbook Helping improve translationspoopraveno Josepheroic
Čt, 1 březen 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:35 Handbook Time signaturespoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz
Út, 27 únor 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:03 Handbook Checking for updatespoopraveno geetar
Čt, 22 únor 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:00 Handbook Score propertiespoopraveno geetar
Clarified some text. Updated an image.
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Út, 20 únor 2018
 (diff) (hist) 22:51 Handbook Create a new scorepoopraveno Leônidas Araújo
 (diff) (hist) 12:42 Handbook Staff and system textpoopraveno Jojo-Schmitz