Changing instrument in the mixer crashes the application

• Dec 10, 2018 - 20:02
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I've created some files in the previous 2.3.x versions.
I have opened them with 3.0 and I've accepted to fix the layout.
At this point I want to fix some instrument mapping in the mixer (as I've reimported the VSO SFZ files, now the order has changed).
However, If I change them, the application crashes.

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"At this point I want to fix some instrument mapping in the mixer"

Please precise what you are doing precisely (with steps) in the mixer.
I opened your score, and changed a few settings and instrument sounds in mixer, I don't receive crash for now.

"I have opened them with 3.0"
Precisely? Beta 2, or other?

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I am unable to view the video. Are people with access to development / debugging tools able to reproduce this crash?

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I still can not reproduce here with the Beta2 and standard configuration (MuseScore General sf3 soundfont). See animation below.
Other soundfont on your system? And other customizations? (in particular, I do not know what correspond to channels SEC-modwheel? And you talk about "I've reimported the VSO SFZ files")
All this related maybe?


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For most of the instruments I'm using custom SFZ soundfonts taken from the VSO library:
When I installed musescore 3 I had to reimport them into Zerberus
Then I realised that the mapping in the mixer was wrong as you could see in my youtube video (i.e. the first instrument in the mixer, the piccolo was mapped the with Viola SFZ soundfond).
If you need some config file from my solution let me know.

Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit b8cddb9557

fix #279805: Changing instrument in the mixer crashes the application

I don't know how it could work before.
Keep MidiPatches list in the Zerberus class to be aligned with Fluid architecture. Sync load/delete soundfonts with patches list updates. Now, it should work as it is done in Fluid.

Most probably I fixed a memory leak related to static QList of MidiPatch pointers created on demand and updated each call which led to dead pointers here and there and not clearing memory.

The crash was not related actually, but happened in the same chunk of code. @EnricoM could you please check the case with the recent nightly build?
I played with your score and couldn't crash it after my fix.

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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 7c71ea7

Yes, thanks a lot guys, the issue is solved!

I don't think it is related, anyway I've noticed that in the score I'm using for test, the sustained note for vln II from bar 131-135 stops after bar 133. Should I open another ticket for that or are you able to reproduce this issue?

I suspect it has to do with whether the particular soundfonts you are using happen to be looped to support arbitrarily long playback. I gather some popular soundfonts do not do this.