[MusicXML import] corruption from a MusicXML file with incorrect note types

• Mar 6, 2016 - 07:24
S2 - Critical

all corrupted it says - which was " clean" when I uploaded it - can someone fix it up - frustrated


Title cats aim high dogs hit low Corruption from an .xml file
Status (old) patch (code needs review) active

A corrupted file indeed!
Please, first, attach the original .xml file. It would be useful. And other informations: the source of this file? And did you realize other operations after opening the .xml file? And if so, which ones, with a specific sequence of steps?

For the rest, it is preferable, first, to post on the forum (https://musescore.org/en/forum/6) before ensuring to understand what happens and then fill the report on the Issue Tracker.

THX - 1ST , DON'T KNOW HOW TO ATTACH xml , but i'll try. it came exported from guitar pro 5
2nd .did i realize what operations ? I just simply dragged xml file icon onto score sheet .
I'll give it a go , but most files i try won't take onto Muse.

tried uploading XML - 9MB- Maximum allowed is 2 MB , but that makes no sense - how could one possibly attach , for instance, a full orchestral score XML to this site ?
the site itself boasts a full orch. sheet to start with , and one would expect to place more than a few notes
therefore , i am adding a partial ( smaller ) xml version of the same score , if thats okay , however it is only 18-20 bars long , which is silly to say the least.
hope it works , thx

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XML files do tend to be very large. This is one of the reasons that the other version of the MusicXML format, MXL, is more commonly used than the uncompressed XML format—the size difference is radical. Does Guitar Pro support compressed MusicXML?

unsure - all I know is that they EXPORT a file called MusicXML to ex. desktop , then one can load/drag / whatever to the first muse page ... from then on , i found all the instruments were mixed up , so I corrected the instrumentations
not sure what compressed xml means - I tried looking it up- thx

It's very easy to go the other direction—change MXL file extension to ZIP, open with an archive extraction program—but attempting to manually compress XML to MXL leaves something missing.

so, looks like i've been beaten-cant upload music any other way - wont accept my xml's - cant convert xml to mxl , so nothing left to do but give up and find something else or another site to post .

No, no, your XML file uploaded just fine! This was just a side conversation, but I'm sure the file you uploaded is enough to go on. I'm not enough of an expert to analyze the file, but somebody else will be able to in no time. Stick around.

Fixing it up is something of a secondary issue. You can do it yourself, though it may be tedious—details at https://musescore.org/en/node/54721. But what's also possible is that the developers will discover the XML file is not so badly corrupt, and MuseScore itself is introducing problems when it attempts to import it. If that's the case, they can resolve the problem in the software, and the next release of MuseScore will be able to import that file without corruptions.

If it's not—i.e., if it's Guitar Pro's fault the file is corrupted—then we close this issue, and you can get further help in the support forum (http://musescore.org/en/forum).

oh I see ...hmm ... thank you - cant possibly fix it myself , and cant imagine trying for hours, only to result in another failure . Besides , blaming another appl. like GP5 is not the answer , and i check every single bar on my scores and not one bar missing rests or exceeded note values anywhere. And thx for chatting , maybe someone will come along and look at it

For your information, MuseScore support the import of the GP files (eg: gp4, gp5, and gpx.)
So, there is absolutely no need to export these gp files in the XMLMusic format.

So I proceed to import your xml file in GP6, then I saved. The first result, at the opening with MuseScore, has no particular concern (only two corrupted measures with the 2.0.2, none by opening with the next 2.0.3):CATS AIM HIGH , DOGS HIT LOW77.gpx

For the record, by re-exporting the file via XML, the result was rather correct (only these same two corrupted measures, that's all, without comparison with your file)

So, after a little work in the Mixer to reallocate as much as possible the right sounds to the right instruments due to this issue: #98786: [GP6] better mapping between GP instruments and MuseScore instruments, here the result (there are still things to review, originally incorrectly entered in the Gp file eg, for the first guitar part, but this is another thing): CATS AIM HIGH , DOGS HIT LOW77 new.mscz

Finally, please, do not consider this Issue Tracker as a space for chatting. This is quite the opposite.
So as said in my first comment, first open a thread in the forum.
I leave this thread open, as long as you can read it, and then we will close it.

The corruption in the file is caused by errors in the MusicXML file: it uses note type 32th instead of the correct 32nd. This should be fixed by Arobas Music.

MuseScore replaces MusicXML notes of unknown type by quarter notes, leading to overfull measures. This behaviour could be improved ... Opening the issue again for this purpose (but at a lower priority).