[Trunk] Anacrusis corrupts score

• Jun 23, 2011 - 03:06
S4 - Minor

1. Create 4/4 score with 1/4 pick-up (or look at this ).

Expected result: The final bar should have a semibreve rest (4 beats).
Actual result: The final bar has minim and crotchet rests (3 beats).

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4367) - Mac 10.6.7.


I always thought that any piece with a pickup measure steals the pickup beats from the final measure. I realize that MS 1.0 doesn't do this (as I just checked) but if MS 2.0 does, then maybe it was changed to follow the "rules", even though many people don't adhere to this particular one anymore.

If you open a 1.1 score with an anacrusis, it seems the corruption occurs elsewhere - perhaps the issue should be renamed to cover everything if this is indeed related?

I've attached two scores - one with an anacrusis and another without.

Without an anacrusis, there's no miscount in the playback of that bar, or jumbled positioning of multi-voice notes (second bar - not counting the anacrusis).

Also see original topic for more information.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4928) - Mac 10.6.8.

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I think that convention only makes sense in certain styles - short dance forms like minuets where you might optionally want to repeat the whole piece. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all, and that's probably why it has mostly been abandoned. I definitely don't think MuseScore should do this by default, although of course it should be possible to create the effect, which it is via the "actual" duration.

MuseScore does not automatically adjust the last measure if you change the actual duration of the first measure.

The bug cannot be reproduced with the instructions given. The example score is not created using this instructions.
Please give only instructions to reproduce a bug if you really tried it. Dont explain how you _think_ it could be reproduced.

The bug shows up only if you are opening a 1.x score with the current trunk version.

Werner, regarding my comments in #1, why the change in the way MS versions handle the final bar? MS 1.x doesn't adjust the final bar of a score that s created with an anacrusis but 2.0 does. This "adjusting" of the final bar is, according to some, very old-fashioned and an unexpected change from 1.0.

Then how come when I create a 4/4 score in 1.x with a 1 beat pickup, I have a full final measure but in 2.0 I get a 3 beat final measure. I always assumed this was by design, but is this a bug?

It is a bug. The score is corrupted. Look at measure properties and you see that the 1 beat pickup is gone. So the first measure is incomplete and tick counting gets confused.

Status (old) active closed

Because this is a behaviour and not corruption (you can change the actual duration to 4/4), I won't mark this as bug: #13457: [Trunk] Actual duration should be nominal duration for all bars, except anacrusis when selecting it during score creation

The corruption when opening 1x scores is another issue: #13458: 1.x multi-stave scores with anacrusis corrupted

It probably falls under the corruption bug, but regarding the count of a 1.x score: #11325: [Trunk] Anacrusis causes an incorrect bar and beat count on Status bar

With the issues more clearer and better addressed, I think I can close this. Thanks everyone.