Changing text background color does not work for circular frames

• Jul 11, 2016 - 21:36
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right-click on the rehearsal mark > Properties : I can select a color for the background but the selector remains grey after choosing, and there's no change on the score. On the opposite, when changing the text color, the selector color reflects my choice and it's applied on the score.
(sorry for my english)

GIT commit: 3c7a69d


Status (old) by design active

Thanks ! For those who may not find the alpha canal, it's just above the HTML color selector. The max value for a total opacity is 255.

Just noting that I have just come up to the same background colour of the rehearsal mark. Changing the Alpha to 255 updates the colour selection box, but does not update into the score itself. I'm dyslexic, so change colours regularly, but haven't needed the r/h mark before.

Great product though, thank you!

In general, it *is* possible to change background color for rehearsal marks using the method described, that is why this issue is closed as "by design". If you are having problems, please use the Support forum to ask for help. When you do so, attach the score you are having problems with.

Ah, I have tried it again by resetting everything; I've found I can change the colour in the default BOX frame, but not in a CIRCLE, which is what I was trying to do. Also, I don't understand the term 'by design' to mean 'closed'. Apologies.

Thank you!

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Title Cannot change the background color for rehersal marcks Changing text background color does not work for circular frames
Status (old) by design active

FWIW, "by design" means we have determined it works as it was designed to work - that as far as we are concerned, there is no bug. So that is basically closing the issue, and as such it does not appear in the list of open issues - ones we are still needing to investigate and fix.

However, I can confirm that circles do *not* work, as your example shows. So I am re-opening this with a different title.

It's not just rehearsal marks. It applies to any text with a frame. You set the background color and have it honored if the frame is a box, but not if it is a circle - it looks like everything is set correctly but it does not appear, just as you say.

I have verified this is the case both for 2.0.3 and for current development builds of 3.0.