Score corruption when creating tremolos in Score+Parts

• Aug 17, 2016 - 01:35
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Create a score, export some parts. Write a tremolo in the part, copy it and paste it for a few measures, go back to the score.

The score will have the correct tremolo for the first measure, and notes without tremolo(in a 4/4 measure, two whole notes) after.


Presumably, unless the fix ends up creating some sort of incompatibility, which seems unlikely But the process is, do your work against the master, then if it is deemed safe for 2.0.4, your same branch can be merged against that as well - no need for you to create two separate branches / PR's.

Terrific! Thank you for stepping up (not to mention reporting the bug in the first place). In most cases, you only need to submit the fix against the master branch, and the commit can be cherry-picked into 2.0.4 without any separate work.

Note that to allow a PR to be merged, you'll need to sign the CLA:

EDIT: Cross-posted with Marc, sorry for unnecessary duplication.