Add style & property for Time Signature symbol size

• Mar 7, 2017 - 16:38
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Feature request to allow larger size of time signature symbols:


This size would be in terms of spatial. The time sig would still be centered about the middle line of the staff, but the numerator could extend further above top of staff and denominator could extend further below bottom of staff.

I've seen this is some music with complicated time sig changes, to help out reading.


I could try to include it as stave property for 2.1 quite easily - at least I hope so (have to test it first), if that would be OK. Already I had tried to do that automatically for systems with more than 5 lines and different line distances (cf. ), but it is better to do this manually by changing the size.

For 3.0. it probably better should be included in inspector/palettes. But perhaps this is only a thing of different ui ?

I get a crash with this, selfbuild DEBUG, Windows 7:

Fatal: ASSERT: "m > 0.0" in file ...\MuseScore\libmscore\text.cpp, line 241 (:0, )

Before that some debug Messages:

Debug: ScoreFont <> not found in list (...\MuseScore\libmscore\sym.cpp:6177, static Ms::ScoreFont*


Debug: Using fallback font instead (...\MuseScore\libmscore\sym.cpp:6180, static Ms::ScoreFont* Ms::ScoreFont::fontFactory(QString))