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• Aug 1, 2017 - 18:29
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The main website heading and sub-heading are:

Create, play and print beautiful sheet music

The subheading doesn't really follow on from the heading. They either need to be the other way around, or the subheading needs to start with "WITH THE".

Also, I think I'm right is saying MuseScore is the most popular music program in general, not just the most popular one which is free, so perhaps this would be better:

Create, play and print beautiful sheet music

I'm flattered that "Semi real-time MIDI input" is one of the main highlighted features, but I don't want expectations to be raised too high ;) Perhaps "Multiple modes for MIDI input, including semi real-time" would be better, or even "Input via MIDI keyboard" for simplicity.


I like "Input via MIDI keyboard" and "WORLD'S MOST POPULAR NOTATION SOFTWARE" (Google Trends provides strong evidence that it is), and given the "FREE DOWNLOAD" button a little further down, I don't think there's really a need for a second subheading.

I'd also suggest the following:

- Swap "Easy to use, yet powerful" and "Professional music notation software"
- Remove "Open Source" and replace it with "Full support for guitar tablature"


- Remove "Professional music notation software" and instead add "Full support for guitar tablature" after "Open Source"

RobFog's suggestions from #239591: [New website] Front page:

"Why MuseScore" (features) section:
- Remove duplicate "free download" button.
- Rephrase "Full import and export
support for MusicXML". For example, Dorico writes "Transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI,
PDF, etc.", which mentions a larger range of formats while avoiding techy terms "import" and "export".

"Write music for" section:
- Make text smaller. It's clunky and larger than the text in the features section which is at least as important as this one, if not more.
- Add "and much more". The list currently implies writing music is limited to instruments/ensembles listed. As someone mostly transcribing drum parts from songs, I was confused.

@everyone Thanks for all your feedback! I incorporated most of your advice.

I did drop:
* (isaac) Full support for guitar tablature: we can't make this hard at all currently
* (RobFog) Make text smaller: there are supposed to added an icon for each use case, so we'll tackle the font size then once that is in place
* (shoogle) Subheading doesn't really follow on from the heading: doesn't need to according to me

I'd be interested in the rationale for having two download buttons on the same page (just few pixels apart even).

@RobFog, it's quite simple: there needs to be a Download button to open the Download menu, and there needs to be a Software button for people who don't realise that the Download menu button is itself clickable.

However, I agree that I would expect clicking the Download menu button to take me to a landing page which explains the other options in full, rather than straight to the Software page.

I think there is a misunderstanding. I'm referring to these two "free download" buttons I previously mentioned as quoted by Zack in comment 3:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-04 um 00.24.39.png

Ah yes, sorry, I thought you were talking about the Download menu. I was confused by your "just few pixels apart" comment - I don't think the two "Free Download" buttons are particularly close to each other, especially when viewing in a mobile browser. Even on desktop I need to scroll down to see the second button.

Some people visit the website already certain they want to download MuseScore while others need a bit more convincing. The first group will use the top button and the others will scroll down to read the "Why MuseScore" section. There needs to be a second button handy for when they've finished reading.

No problem.

On desktop, I can see both at the same time which seems silly. I don't think I've seen this elsewhere before.